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Going to live sport – why bother? Firstly, you buy the ticket to attend, usually a nose bleed seat worth the gross domestic product of Lichtenstein.

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For years we have all heard about how great the attendances are for the AFL in Australia. It has one of the largest crowd attendance rates in the world, and in 2011 an average of 34,937 patrons came to 187 matches during the regular season.

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If you’re anything like me (and I suggest if you’re a regular to this website then you are), no sporting event is ever the same if you’re not there to see it in person.

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Unlike movies, books and mail-order brides, there is no real way to gauge the quality of a sporting contest before you plonk yourself down to watch it.

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Do small crowds mean Australians don’t care about the AFC Champions League? A couple of editorials in the Fairfax press last week hinted as much, but the truth is that for a variety of reasons, crowds across all of our sporting codes are dwindling.

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Every sports team in the world wants to play in front of a huge crowd, yet a consistently-packed stadium is an elusive dream for all but the chosen few. Winning is the sure fire way to ensure a healthy following. But as your Mum always told you; “You can’t always win, darling.”

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There’s a conundrum in Australian sport that needs to be explored: why the most populous city, Sydney, in the most populous state, New South Wales (NSW), consistently draws some of the worst crowds across all codes.

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For all sporting administrators, one of the greatest challenges they face is the search to increase crowds at their matches. Even in a high crowd-drawing competition such as the AFL, particular teams struggle to attract crowds, even to their home matches.

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Just before Christmas, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released the results of an extensive survey they did on our attendance at sporting events. The results offer a fascinating insight into our spectating habits and also pose some questions as to why they are so.

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It is a real thrill for any sports fan to introduce someone new to their game; a rare chance to show-off all things good about it and hopefully induct a new disciple to the fold. So how do you make the most of these situations?

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While watching the Wallabies put the French to the sword on Sunday morning, I could not help but be impressed with the atmosphere generated at the ground.

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What do you do when fans aren’t turning up to sporting events and you’re left with the indignity of televising from empty stadiums? You create virtual spectators instead. Yes, in the race to satisfy the demands of television and fiscal goals, the custodians of our codes want to manufacture crowds rather than listening to them.

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Carlos Spencer said it, and I believe it. Super 14 crowds are nothing compared to what they used to be.

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NRL boss David Gallop is encouraged by the weekend’s bumper crowds at trial matches in Sydney, Auckland, Darwin and regional NSW.

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Fans cast further doubt over one-day cricket’s long-term future by voting with their feet, as only 25,463 spectators attended Sunday’s game between Australia and West Indies at the MCG.

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Ask a football fan what has convinced them to turn down a cheap night at home, a social engagement or call in a sickie at work to fork up the funds to attend a football match, and chances are you’ll hear something similar to one of the three responses below that I received on my […]

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One of the common complaints of the A-League is that so many decisions seem to be made by non-football people. From odd scheduling to inconsistent suspensions, several of the decisions stemming from FFA headquarters have left fans scratching their heads.

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Two years ago, I attended an NRL match in Brisbane and sat next to a man and his three primary school age children.

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Hands up all those who have shouted at the television or snorted with derision from the stands when a footballer, or any athlete for that matter, fluffs a pass, lets in a goal or gets knocked out in the first round?

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What a sad twist of fate that the two A-League matches which were always going to be overshadowed by crowd-watching happened to be back-to-back on Saturday night; underscoring a deplorable week for the league.

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