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The five Parramatta officials who were suspended by the NRL in the wake of the club’s salary cap scandal look likely to stay banned, with the NSW Supreme Court today upholding the NRL’s findings.

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Parramatta’s embattled ‘Gang of Five’ officials return to court on Monday to continue the fight against their NRL suspensions.

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Parramatta fans have had little to cheer about of late, but newly appointed football boss Daniel Anderson has pledged to restore pride to the blue and gold.

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What happened to the North Queensland Cowboys was unacceptable. The moment Beau Ryan scored the infamous seventh tackle try, the momentum of the match altered.

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The National Rugby League season is long and arduous, and burnout is starting to set in. Not just for players, but for the many journalists, columnists, bloggers and rumour mongerers who feed off the greatest game of all.

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Reports have emerged referees boss Daniel Anderson was unhappy with the performance of State of Origin 2 refs Ashley Klein and Shayne Hayne, and has said either one or both will be axed for Game 3.

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Do you like touch football? Then you’ll be excited by the NRL 2014 season, because it seems that’s the way our game is headed.

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It is official, the game we once knew as rugby league is dead. The fabric of the game has not just been tarnished; it has been burnt to a crisp and buried six feet underground.

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The decision by NRL Elite Referees Performance Manager Daniel Anderson to sin bin any players guilty of throwing a punch mid year is disgustingly inappropriate and a blatant attempt to take the focus off his sub-standard referees.

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NRL referees boss Daniel Anderson says he was satisfied with the decision not to sin-bin Paul Gallen in Wednesday’s State of Origin opener.

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The standard of refereeing this year has been, in my opinion, atrocious. There is no better example of this than the refereeing this weekend.

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When Daniel Anderson was appointed referees coach I thought it was about time that someone with his knowledge was appointed to the position.

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The fundamental criticism people directed at Bill Harrigan in his time as referees boss was that he looked at things through a black and white frame.

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The problem with discretion is that it breeds inconsistency. As such the obstruction rule must stay as it is for the time being.

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NRL referees chief Daniel Anderson has vowed not to change the obstruction ruling despite two controversial decisions to rub out tries in round three.

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Twice at Allianz Stadium on Thursday night we saw players stay down to ‘milk’ penalties. It’s an issue that has reared its head in pretty much every NRL game in recent memory and one I have no problem with.

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Daniel Anderson jumped at an 11th hour opportunity to go from development officer to reserve grade coach of the mighty Parramatta Eels in 1998. They won the comp.

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The 2013 NRL season may be completely non-existent but already the betting agencies have already shut up shop for the game’s ‘Most Improved’.

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New referees chief Daniel Anderson says the 2013 NRL campaign will put more onus on his charges to adjudicate on controversial decisions before referring them to video officials.

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The scrapping of the NRL’s highly-controversial benefit-of-the-doubt rule and significant changes to the equally-contentious obstruction law are likely to be the first items on the agenda of new referees’ boss Daniel Anderson.

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