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A frightening incident occurred recently when a group of AFL fans were discovered trapped under an avalanche of footy analysis. Luckily, with the exception of a few unfortunate scarves and a thermos, there were no victims.

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I remember last year when the media was jumping on the fight to claim the AFL broadcasting rights for the next few years. When it was announced that the Seven Network had won, I let out a groan.

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With more and more ex-AFL stars hitting our television screens, radio dials and newspapers, the lengths that some people in the football community will go to protect a mate seems to also grow.

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It’s only February, each club has only played two ‘half-matches’ in the three-way round robin format, and some sides have taken it more seriously than others. But there is always something to be learned from a round of football.

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On Friday night, the launch of Foxtel’s Fox Footy Channel will herald the start of a strategic three-prong attack for AFL and TV ratings in 2012.

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The Aussies and the Indians have packed their whites away after a disappointing summer of Test cricket. The best tennis players in the world have farewelled Melbourne Park following another stunningly successful Australian Open.

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