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A few months ago, I received a phone call from a betting agency that gave me pause for thought.

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Are you the kind of person who fancies a cheeky punt? The odd slap? A mischievous bankruptcy?

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With recent media reports detailing allegations of match fixing, rugby league has been quick to point the finger of blame at the usual suspects. But perhaps the real culprit is a little closer to home.

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Canterbury veteran Sam Perrett says betting advertising has become too pervasive in the NRL and gambling is an increasing problem amongst young players.

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It’s been interesting to hear the concerns of racing authorities surrounding in-play betting on sport.

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The slogan for the responsible gambling foundation, Kidbet, insists that “kids and betting should never go together”. Well, good luck with that.

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The Essendon Football Club has made the surprising decision to end all commercial partnerships with gambling companies.

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When the AFL is the missing link between ex-Hawthorn player Brent Guerra and gambling agency CrownBet, more than a few eyebrows should be raised.

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Nearly all bookmakers who offer multi-bets love to entice punters to have a go at striking it rich.

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Bookies often have lots to smile about on track days, but it’s fair to say no one enjoyed the Australian Cup result more than TAB trackside presenter Aidan Rodley.

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I wish this whole article was a joke but it isn’t. The influence of gambling on sport has increased in recent years, but the two are now so intertwined it is hard to tell where one starts and the other begins.

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The A-League is not immune to the issues raised by the Australian Crime Commission two days ago. But rather than drug use, it is the scourge of match-fixing that football in Australia is most susceptible to.

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Lately, everyone’s talking about gambling in sport. Live odds, sponsorship, stadium naming rights, exotic bets, relentless advertising… it’s in the news, on TV and radio, they’re even arguing about it in Canberra.

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The AFL’s swift response to comments made by sacked Adelaide recruiter Matt Rendell shows how fiercely the league protects its reputation for reconciliation and engagement with Aboriginal Australia.

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Nathan Bock is not a cheat. He has never tried to fix an AFL match. He has never played at anything less than his full potential in his time at Adelaide and now the Gold Coast.

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We are in a right pickle, make no mistake. The suggested punishments for footballers implicated in betting ‘scandals’ have escalated sharply in the last few months, from Ayatollah Whately’s call for year-long bans to now, if you can believe it, imprisonment.

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Everyone is happy to sit and chastise AFL players who continue to engage in forbidden betting activity. However, little thought is given to what must actually be occurring in the player’s mind when making such a decision.

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Yesterday the AFL suspended Heath Shaw for “14 matches” – six of them are suspended – for betting on Collingwood teammate Nick Maxwell to kick the first goal in the club’s Round 9 game against Adelaide. The bet was placed after Shaw learned that Maxwell would start the game up forward instead of his usual […]

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Television’s own “cash for comment” scandal appears to have been nipped in the bud, and ministers should take a bow. Their move to axe broadcasting of live odds during sporting matches is so obviously in the community’s best interests that Big Sport itself saw it coming and welcomed it.

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I love sport, and most things associated with it. I love the pre-game banter. I love the atmosphere ahead of a big match. I love the debate that sport stirs up, and until recently I have been more than happy to tolerate the pastime of betting on sport.

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