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With the completion of Week 4 we’re now a quarter of the way through the 2017 NFL regular season.

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Hard to believe we’re nearly halfway through one of the most entertaining seasons in Canadian Football League history, but we are – and it was another busy week in the Great White North.

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Total commitment and playing for one another are the keys to victory for University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors according to head coach Nick Rolovich.

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University of Georgia freshman Rico McGraw went down hard after an over-enthusiastic slap by assistant coach Mike Ekeler left him nursing a sore head.

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The Kenmore Bears have started their 2014 gridiron Queensland campaign off strong, surging to a 2-0 start.

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For its millions upon millions of salivating fans, the NFL’s 16-game regular reason means two things.

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During the Thanksgiving rivalry match between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens, the rookie running back LeVeon Bell took a ferocious hit while driving for the endzone.

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Peter FitzSimons tells the great story about watching a Bledisloe Cup Test with a kid sitting beside him wearing a Wallaby jersey.

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All pre-season they’d been saying Peyton Manning couldn’t throw to the right. The question had been posed – how would the 36-year-old quarterback handle it if a defensive scheme shuts down the left hand side of the field?

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Peyton Manning has made his shortlist for where he wants to play next season. Denver and Tennessee remain the top two favourites however the San Francisco 49ers have played their hand at the poker table.

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In their four previous trips to the Super Bowl with Bill Belichick as coach and Tom Brady at quarterback, the New England Patriots threatened to go into overtime.

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After a successful 2010 campaign and reincarnation of Michael Vick, the Philadelphia Eagles spent big in the offseason to acquire the league’s most talented roster. But 11 weeks in, they are at the edging the bottom of their division with only four wins.

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As a South African, rugby union is obviously my preferred game. But two years ago, a friend gave me a DVD set with State of Origin highlights and I really enjoyed it.

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There are losses, and then there is what happened to the Minnesota Vikings in last weekend’s NFC Championship Game. Vikings fans thought 1998 was horrible, but this puts that to shame.

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Followers of AFL often hear that our game mustn’t be any good because it’s not a truly international game. Perhaps. But obviously the same must apply to American Football.

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