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In the second blunder this week for the club, coach Shane Flanagan has been unable to name the fullback for the Cronulla Sharks.

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The Panthers’ stirring win on Sunday has proven one thing in 2018 – simply micro-manage your maligned coach and guarantee your team two competition points.

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After a fiery conclusion to the First Test, the two sides headed to Port Elizabeth to continue this series of hurling tedious abuse at one another. Would any so-called cricket get in the way of that insult-a-thon? Only time would tell.

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A confident Warriors outfit has declared season 2018 as their year to finally deliver on expectations – because there are none.

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Rugby league is abuzz for a Test match in Denver between England and New Zealand. It promises to be one of the biggest events in the game’s history, and I fully intend to play my role by ensuring it is a complete failure.

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The Australian side arrived for a four Test series in South Africa – a land so terrifying and strange that the television player graphic for Usman Khawaja, a non-bowler and mediocre fielder, shows him tossing a ball from hand to hand rather than wielding a bat.

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It’s the distant future, the year 2080. Cars are flying, Cameron Smith is approaching retirement, and Sonny Bill Williams remains linked to the Roosters from the afterlife.

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I’m sure I’m not the only who has been electrified right to his very soul by the raging wildfire of success that is AFLX.

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Brisbane State Media – also popularly known as BS Media – is proud to present The People’s Daily; Queensland’s only source for unbiased reporting on the pristine and wondrous Brisbane Broncos. All hail Brisbane and all hail BS!

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Stunning scenes at Rotorua on the weekend saw several first-grade rugby league players penalised for not playing the ball correctly.

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Australia’s coaching staff have instructed an out-of-sorts David Warner to “get back to basics” and “show more aggression” – and maybe score some runs, too.

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With the team a perennial potpourri of availables after a decade-long experimental phase, scientists now believe Australia’s best T20 team can only be determined by algorithm.

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The final match of the ODI series between Australia and England was held at Perth’s exciting new Optus Stadium, with England winning by a dozen runs to take the series 4-1.

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Lloyd Pope is an 18-year-old who’s been involuntarily thrust into the spotlight to bear a dangerous amount of pressure in his formative years. Nevertheless, I reckon he will ultimately save this country from everything.

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A lot of football talk is about transfers at the moment, and the biggest chat concerns Alexis Sanchez’s move to Manchester United.

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Cricket Australia have moved to rectify February’s scheduling crisis by wedging in another tour of India.

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As long as Glenn Maxwell is never provided a clear reason for his omission from national duty, this nation should rejoice. Because all we’ve ever yearned for is consistency.

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With the Ashes won and lost – or lost and won, depending on your allegiances – England and Australia turned their attention to the T20 series. Then, begrudgingly, turned it to the one-day matches when their respective boards pointed out that they had to get through five of those ruddy things first.

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Cricket Australia has promised a dangerously enlarged Big Bash League next year, with plans to expand the competition into non-traditional timeslots like the morning, winter and eventual perpetuity.

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Once a compelling and anticipated cinematic masterpiece, the Ashes is currently a predictable 83-minute comedy.

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