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After a season as serious contenders, a familiar feel has returned to St George Illawarra – the feeling of springtime.

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This is the inaugural ‘Crystal Ball’, which will focus on the run in to the rugby league finals matches in September.

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Well over a year’s worth of speculation, articles and media reports saying now former Penrith Panthers coach Anthony Griffin lost the trust of the playing group was “a mass collection of coincidental autocorrects that made and continued a false narrative for 18 months”, according to a News Limited spokesperson.

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Penrith have sacked Anthony Griffin after the club realised he probably couldn’t coerce Nathan Cleary to stay using sentimentality or a WiFi ban.

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Hall Of Famer Barry ‘Crackling’ Pork and multi-medallist Wayne ‘Spanks’ Spankle sit down at the bar for a no-holds-barred chinwag about the week in sport.

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Des Hasler and Michael Maguire may never work in this town again, unless we need to obliterate the Kiwis or a club’s payroll.

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Wayne Bennett and the Broncos have postponed talks on a succession plan, with both agreeing to wait until season’s end to resume ignoring Kevin Walters.

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Six-time premiership player Barry ‘Crackling’ Pork and legendary runner-up Wayne ‘Spanks’ Spankle sit down at the bar for a no-holds-barred chinwag about the week in sport.

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Are you an anti-global neo-ecologist who is pro-gun pro-life anti-legalisation yet moderately-fascist with atheist alt-democratic values, or something more complicated?

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The sideline official at the centre of Friday’s controversy in Cronulla has admitted he wasn’t concentrating before the botched try, mainly because he no longer watches games due to the poor standard of refereeing.

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We all love sport, and what we love most about it is how easy it is to identify all of the things wrong with it.

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If the Eels have any idea about rugby league, they will extend Jarryd Hayne’s contract until next time they reach the fifth.

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The Broncos’ new breed of young forwards is the most eye-catching crop to emerge this year behind the possum residing on Darren Lockyer’s scone.

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In the aftermath of their bye weekend, nostalgic Parramatta fans have spent the last 48 hours harking back to other memorable ‘golden periods’ in the club’s history.

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Crisis: future Panthers coach Trent Barrett is already under internal review by the club, according to my snake-oil clairvoyance.

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Exercising his privileges as a losing coach, Kevin Walters has non-ironically referenced the ails of social media when providing reasons for the Maroons’ inept Origin campaign.

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Now that the World Cup is over, it’s time to examine how Australia can do better next time and we can assume our rightful place as world champions in 2022.

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When Queensland choked on Sunday night and then turned on their halfback, we knew they had finally discovered what Origin is all about.

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Traditionally, there’s always so much to look forward to in the second match of any State of Origin series.

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CRISIS MERCHANT EXCLUSIVE: The standalone weekend for Origin 2 is the worst thing to happen to rugby league since community standards.

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