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Few holidays possess the allure of fourth July weekend. It is an opportunity for people nationwide to immerse themselves in hot dogs, burgers and maybe a beer or two … or six. Who’s counting?

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As the offseason continues its steady march into October, the absence of basketball can leave plenty of time for some wild and way too early predictions. What better to predict than who will gain membership in the exclusive 50/40/90 club?

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One day shy of a year after announcing his decision to join the powerful Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant has accepted a major pay cut to help make sure they stay winners and chase more championships.

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Three days into the 2016 free agency period, Kevin Durant gave up a potential five year/$150 million contract to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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Stephen Curry tucked a celebratory cigar into his right sock for safekeeping as he handled all of his post-NBA championship obligations.

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When the moment to win the Finals came, Kevin Durant’s face was blank and his eyes were cold.

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The full significance of Kevin Durant’s decision to leave Oklahoma City and join the Golden State Warriors has only just dawned on the majority of basketball fans.

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The Golden State Warriors’ phenomenal playoff run now sees them mentioned in the same breath as Michael Jordan’s Bulls. But just how good would they be against the all conquering 1995-96 Chicago team?

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Kevin Durant showed he can be the difference as the Golden State Warriors crushed the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers 113-91 in game one of the NBA Finals.

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Two the NBA’s best three players play on the same team and are heading for a showdown against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals Thursday night.

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The Golden State Warriors will face off against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Oklahoma on March 21 (AEDT), in what will be the most watched match of the round.

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Last June, Stephen Curry waved goodbye to a sell-out crowd in Cleveland that had just witnessed the Golden State Warriors claim a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals, a lead which had never been overcome.

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Kevin Durant rubbed salt in the wounds of once-adoring fans who booed his every touch as he scored 34 points in his NBA return to Oklahoma City.

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The most successful regular season in NBA history and one of the greatest individual seasons of all time may ultimately serve as the darkest stain on Stephen Curry’s legacy.

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On Christmas Day, when Kyrie Irving drove towards the hoop in the dying seconds, the irrational started to finally make sense.

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The Golden State Warriors just had their fourth best player score 60 points in 29 minutes and, while incredible, it wasn’t entirely out of character.

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Kevin Durant gets his first chance to take on his former teammates when the Golden State Warriors host Russell Westbrook and the undefeated Oklahoma City Thunder at the Oracle Arena. Join The Roar for live scores and coverage from 1:30pm (AEDT).

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The 2016-17 NBA season tips off this week, which means it’s time to put my neck on the chopping block and predict whom I think will take home the major honours at the end of the season.

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Once a conference that went six or seven deep in teams with aspirations for the championship, the West is now an exercise in contenders competing for the right to have a nationally televised funeral in Oakland.

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Here are the ten best free agency signings of the current NBA season.

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