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If you’ve watched any of the AFL’s preseason matches, or followed the coverage in the usual mainstream outlets, you’ve probably noticed one of this year’s hot topics: playing gun midfielders as forwards.

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The Western Bulldogs won the 2016 premiership against all odds, staging a remarkable run through September while starting as underdogs in every match.

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It’s not officially an AFL preseason until a group of The Roar‘s AFL experts come together to create the most necessary list in sport: the top 50 AFL players for 2018.

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22 under 22, the All-Australian team with a twist. The best of the best selected not from the entire AFL, but from those who were aged 22 or younger at the conclusion of the 2017 AFL home-and-away season.

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The 2001 AFL draft boasts many of the game’s big-name stars, whether recently retired or still soldiering on.

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Some big performances from the unsung names of the competition are featured in Round 6’s AFL Team of the Week.

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2016 was the year of the (under) Dog.

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He’s just three seasons into what will be a long AFL career, but the Western Bulldogs’ Marcus Bontempelli is ready to take the mantle of the game’s best player.

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Ahead of the 2017 AFL season, here is each club’s most important player.

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The lesson of this trade period is everyone is tradeable. Okay, almost everyone.

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Liam Picken is the unlikely hero of the Western Bulldogs’ finals campaign and also the unlikely leader of The Roar’s AFL Finals MVP award at this early stage.

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Midfield prodigy Patrick Cripps was a surprising omission from the 40-man All Australian squad this week. The Carlton midfield behemoth is playing in the lofty shadow of fellow 2013 draftee Marcus Bontempelli.

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We have all witnessed the emergence of Marcus Bontempelli over the past three seasons. From his game-winning snap-shot at goal in 2014 to his first win as captain in 2016, the ‘Bont’ has never ceased to amaze fans and critics alike.

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Another intriguing contest awaits, with the injury-hit Dogs well within the reach of the rising Pies.

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Marcus Bontempelli looks like the future and dominates the present. He is already a superstar. Soon, he will be a supernova.

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Just who is the best player in the land? If you love the game it’s a very important question.

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Due to the new Star Wars film being released in summer, the AFL world missed out on a lot of the buzz. This is an overdue comparison of the AFL industry with their Star Wars equivalents.

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At this time of year, clubs love selling the future. If draft pick X comes on, we’ll be surging up the ladder in no time. For a lot of teams, that hope has already turned to reality.

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In making this list players must be aged 21 years old or younger right now, and I tried to hit a sweet spot of past performance and future potential.

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The Western Bulldogs were the fairytale story of the 2015 season, and head into the new season filled with expectations and under a larger microscope.

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