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Former Melbourne coach Mark Neeld will return to the AFL, joining Essendon to head their player development.

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They say there are only two kinds of coaches: those who have been sacked, and those who are about to be sacked. That leaves out the ones who are about to secretly renege on their contract to go coach a better team, but it still sums the situation up fairly well.

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It’s hard to imagine that 16th placed St Kilda, with two wins, and 17th placed Melbourne, who have tasted victory just once this season, could win match of the round billing for this split Round 13.

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Melbourne needed the AFL’s money to sack coach Mark Neeld and the league will also have its fingerprints all over the make-up of the club’s revamped board.

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Mark Neeld has been sacked. It is 100% the right decision. He mustn’t be the last.

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Melbourne media is reporting that the troubled Melbourne Demons AFL club has sacked coach Mark Neeld, after president Don McLardy departed on Saturday.

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The 2013 storyline that refused to go away – Mark Neeld’s future – finally came to an end today when Melbourne showed their coach the door.

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Only a week ago I posed the question, should Buddy Franklin remain at Hawthorn or head to the GWS Giants. Melbourne’s board, and Demons’ fans, are no doubt asking the same question right now about coach Mark Neeld.

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The Melbourne Football Club may be in its darkest days of the club’s history. Coach Mark Neeld has been crucified by the media of late for the work he has done at the club and the results they are producing.

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In 2004 James Hird famously came under fire for comments regarding the umpiring of a game between Essendon and St Kilda, deeming their performance to have been “disgraceful,” singling out Scott McLaren in particular.

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Melbourne coach Mark Neeld admits he’s torn between sticking with senior players whose repeated skill errors leave him tense and frustrated and loading more youngsters into his inexperienced, uncompetitive AFL side.

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The media’s coverage of Mark Neeld’s uncertain AFL coaching future at Melbourne has been a disgrace, Collingwood mentor Nathan Buckley said on Sunday.

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It seems it’s just a matter of time until Mark Neeld is sacked as coach of the Melbourne Football Club but the main reason it hasn’t happened earlier is because there is no alternative. Here are five coaches the Demons need to flip heaven and hell to sign.

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Melbourne’s Mark Neeld says he was pursued like a criminal before his coaching tenure was continued by his AFL club’s board.

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Leaning against a wall in Mark Neeld’s office is one of those “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters. At least, there usually is. Perhaps he took it to the Melbourne board room yesterday.

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It’s business as usual for Melbourne coach Mark Neeld, for this week anyway. He will prepare for the Demons’ biggest game of the year, their Queens Birthday clash next Monday against Collingwood.

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The axe hasn’t fallen on Melbourne coach Mark Neeld yet, but it remains poised.

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Mark Neeld’s job hangs by a thread entering Monday’s Melbourne board meeting, but the Demons coach insists there are signs of hope from the AFL club’s latest uncompetitive loss.

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There is no two ways about it, Melbourne is a rabble. But is it fair to blame Mark Neeld for ultimately taking over a ship on the verge of sinking and trying to not just keep it afloat, but make it go anywhere?

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Melbourne coach Mark Neeld says he has no intention of stepping down despite overseeing his AFL team’s latest disaster.

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