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It was interesting to read the piece by Roarer Luke Paraman regarding ‘nostalgia’ for former A-League clubs such as Northern Fury.

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The $8 million funding scheme for the new Western Sydney franchise to join the A-League competition came rather out of the blue. There are still many unanswered questions, which could threaten the life of this club before it has even begun.

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Another week, another A-League club facing extinction. As the A-League finals series plays out in the background, reminding us that yes, in fact, there’s a sporting component to the league, off field matters continue to dominate as we again question the viability of the league.

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With a decision on Gold Coast United’s future likely in the coming weeks, the biggest question for Football Federation Australia is how to ensure a region is not lost to the game if the club no longer exists.

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Here lie the remains of Gold Coast United (2008-2012), a team who due to short vision were short-lived. May they rest in peace.

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It’s been a hectic period for Football Federation Australia, the A-League, and notably, besieged outfit Gold Coast United.

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A few days ago Football Federation Australia revoked Gold Coast United’s A-League license mainly due to Clive Palmer’s mismanagement of the club. All we’ve heard about is the battle between Frank Lowy and Palmer. But what about the fans?

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It was always going to come to this. Football Federation Australia (FFA) yesterday revoked Gold United’s A-League licence in an attempt to bring to an end Clive Palmer’s one-man tirade against the governing body and put the sorry club out of its misery.

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We all understand the importance of football’s next media deal. In order to make the rights more attractive to television stations, strong TV ratings, stability and certainty of product delivery is essential.

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With the North Queensland Fury’s demise at the business end of last season, and the tattered glamour expansion entity that is Gold Coast apparently following the same route, doubts have to be raised over the expansion policy that the FFA are still grasping heavily to.

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The drama continues on the Gold Coast with franchise owner Clive Palmer threatening a fight with the A-League if his licence is terminated. So what does Mr. Palmer really want?

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It’s the white elephant in the room Football Federation Australia (FFA) needs to address: Gold Coast United and its unsustainable supporter base.

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Talk of A-League growth to Tasmania has raised the issue of expansion for the sport into new markets, with opinions divided on the wisdom of doing so.

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At his recent re-election as Football Federation Australia chairman, Frank Lowy was keen to stress that A-League clubs must stand on their own two feet and not totally dependent on the governing body for financial support.

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In most cases, you would be a fool for agreeing with the heading above, but listen to my reasoning and I hope you’ll agree with it.

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Gold Coast United owner Clive Palmer’s recent reassurances have done little to change public opinion. He can claim over and over again that his club has a future in the A-League, but unless there is a drastic reversal in support, then their future appears bleak.

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The Harry Kewell to the A-League circus seems like it may have come to an end. Agent Bernie Mandic recently revealed that Kewell had come to terms with both Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory, however he was unable to come to agreement with either.

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After producing one of the most pulsating climaxes to a grand final in Australian sporting history earlier this year, surely the A-League is not headed for the scrapheap.

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When all else is said and done, the A-League’s North Queensland Fury are gone. The dust has barely settled at Dairy Farmers Stadium, but now the questions must turn from who is to blame to calculating the effects of the Fury’s demise.

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Dugald Massey recently wrote an article entitled, ‘The game is all but over for the A-League’, which attracted a lot of consternation. I’m writing this to back him up on his point.

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