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The NRL clubs have issued a vote of no-confidence in independent commission chairman John Grant, the reasons for this lie in the breakdown of discussions over the apportioning of future NRL funding.

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It’s Groudhog Day. In the last few weeks, the Parramatta Eels have added another sad, pathetic chapter to their bulging scrap book of sporting and administrative failures.

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Following Steve Mascord’s interesting sci-fi analogy route, I’m wondering if some powerful league identities want what’s best for the code or themselves.

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When the NRL Commission finally came in, it was the NRL rejoicing that this was the required direction that would take rugby league to its rightful position as Australia’s number one sport.

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The NRL culture has changed significantly in the last 12 months since David Gallop’s departure as CEO.

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After a 10-year reign at the top of the NRL, David Gallop has stepped down as CEO. Some will be sad to see him go, others will be celebrating and happy about his departure, like Phil Gould.

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My mates in Victoria could never understand why I liked the NRL’s McIntyre Final Eight System.

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By now we have all born witness to the birth of the NRL Commission, which after years of speculation and organising has finally formed.

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I would like you to think back for a moment. How old were you on March 31st, 1995? For that was the last day that rugby league in this country enjoyed freedom. We haven’t had it since.

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The make-up of the NRL’s independent commission has become shrouded in a veil of secrecy, with the selection process of the inaugural eight commissioners going behind closed doors on Friday.

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