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New ARLC boss David Smith resigned from his job with Lloyds Banking Group, one of the UK’s biggest lenders, after his Australian unit posted a net loss of over $1 billion in 2011.

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So maybe nothing has been said either way (if at all), and you can’t pry open the lock-jaw of John Grant, even with a very flat blade.

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Chairman John Grant has given the biggest indication yet that the ARLC’s chief executive’s role will be filled by someone outside of the sport.

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With three weeks to go until the NRL finals series gets under way, you would think that the focus would be on said finals series. Alas, it is not.

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The 2012 NRL season has been magical so far. Thrilling comebacks, fierce rivalries, and skill has graced the NRL this year.

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I never really bought into the Searle brilliance; if every person with an accounting degree was a business genius then the world would have 30 million Apple corporations.

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Sport in Australia is often seen as a way of life. Its essence in our culture is an escape from regular life, a way for the general public to demonstrate passion, and of course an occasion for friendly banter among rival fans.

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I always find it very interesting when someone within Rugby League tosses up an idea that is used in another sport, when it is clear they have no idea how that idea is applied in that sport, let alone how it would be applied to rugby league.

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There has been much confusion over the structure of the Independent Commission, probably caused by the use of this phrase over the past few years. Sadly, the NRL Commission is anything but independent.

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Oh rugby league, how we do love to criticise you. With the 2012 season kicking off on Thursday night, a largely incident free pre-season almost behind us and a shiny new independent commission installed you would think it would be hard for anyone to find fault with the game.

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The rugby league world watched and applauded the formation of the ARL Independent Commission last week – a new administrative body to replace the NRL and ARL. [art by James Brennan]

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So who runs the game, anyway? David Gallop constantly says it’s the fans. That being the case, the fans have spoken.

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The NRL has been looking to expansion in attempts to both increase its revenue and make headway on its biggest rival, the AFL, in winning over the Australian public for the dominant share of the country’s winter sporting market.

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I do not intend to fantasize, rather initiate a forward thinking look at, what shall be done to make NRL the number one sport in the country by 2037, starting with the NRL Independent Commission, which is a great change from previous administrations.

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Dear NRL, with the recent news emerging that (a) the Independent Commission is at least 200 days overdue and (b) the 16 NRL clubs are stalling progress, by demanding a 40% increase in funding, it’s clear to me you folks need some extra hands around the office.

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The leadership of rugby league is finally expected to be taken over by the long-awaited Independent Commission. These eight commissioners will be immediately faced with some huge issues currently facing the game.

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Popular opinion views the Independent Commission as a change for the better in rugby league. Fans have been told that the existing system was flawed, allowing News Ltd to control the game for its own gain.

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The first thing for the NRL’s new Independent Commission to tackle should be the salary cap. It must be replaced with a new system.

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As a take-no-prisoners second rower, hard-hitting TV analyst and highly successful coach Phil Gould is without peer. If he is to repeat this success as an administrator, he cannot bring dressing room thinking to the boardroom, as he did this week in his email spat with David Gallop.

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We have all been waiting patiently for the Independent Commission to get up and running. Everybody recognises its importance for the next stage of the game’s growth. But it has to be done properly.

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