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Tonight’s JJ Giltinan showdown between the Storm and Sharks has been tragically secreted on cable television. It will be seen by nobody bar the wealthy elite and those huddled near shop windows.

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The NRL scheduling in 2014 is ludicrous, inconsistent and needs to be heavily re-shaped for 2015.

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The new television rights deal announced by the ARLC last week has drawn heavy criticism from some.

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Once upon a time, there was a TV channel in Australia that dominated the ratings. For 29 years straight, it was the most pressed number on the Australian remote, attracting a large viewership every day.

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Who was the biggest winner out of a day that delivered the NRL a new billion-dollar media deal and Football Federation Australia (FFA) a new CEO, the NRL or the A-League?

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One clear message has emerged out of today’s NRL rights deal: dollars outweigh fans.

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With the GWS Giants having finally made their AFL debut while the Gold Coast Titans are on the verge of collapse, talk of rugby league taking care of its nurseries in the face of an advancing and cashed up AFL has become increasingly shrill.

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Last December I wrote on The Roar outlining the need for action to counter to the lack of rugby league coverage in the southern states by the Nine Network.

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With a new Independent Commission and an impending television rights deal upon us, it’s an appropriate time to think about expanding the NRL again.

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The Federal Court’s decision yesterday to allow Optus to broadcast sports matches online and on mobile phones is landmark one.

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With the regular NRL season now over, the ladder is complete and we have our minor premiers, top eight and wooden spooners.

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The NRL quite rightfully compares itself to the AFL, and is therefore using the AFL television rights deal as a benchmark for its own broadcast rights negotiations. But it’s not quite as simple as thinking “the AFL’s deal was $1.25 billion, so we deserve at least that.”

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With Channel Ten pulling out of negotiations with Channel Seven over buying some of its free-to-air AFL matches, and Channel Nine seemingly unable or unwilling to step in, the AFL will be on one free-to-air network come 2012, simplifying things for fans and opening the door for rival codes.

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Here is how I see the NRL faring in their next broadcast rights deal. I have assumed that the ARL Commission is up and running and the NRL have expanded to an 18-team competition by adding new teams in Perth and Brisbane.

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I would like you to think back for a moment. How old were you on March 31st, 1995? For that was the last day that rugby league in this country enjoyed freedom. We haven’t had it since.

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The AFL’s billion-dollar television deal is the equivalent of a big bang for Australian sports – a cosmic explosion that will redefine the landscape. With the AFL’s deal with Channel Seven and Foxtel locked in for 2012 to 2016, other codes most now jockey for their own deals from what’s left.

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Huge changes at the top of two of Australia’s free-to-air commercial television networks could be an unexpected boon for rugby league.

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Parochialism in sport, such as cheering for your team, is acceptable and encouraged, but when the media drives the parochialism, fans from all states and all sports miss out.

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The report that many of the Sydney Club CEO’s are not in favour of a Central Coast Bears team in the competition is predictable and should come as no surprise to any follower of the game or the expansion debate.

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Rugby league has come along in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Crowd numbers are on the rise, ratings have soared and general interest in the game is at an all-time high.

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