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The Bunker has been quite the success so far this year. It makes for far more interesting viewing on TV than the previous video referee system, decisions are being made quicker, and we are able to hear what the officials are actually looking for in regards to a potential decision.

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Let’s go through a simple list of questions from last Friday night’s game. Was the Kane Evans ‘try’ a try? No. Is it ever a try? No.

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The conservative nature of the NRL match officials in 2015 is now out of control. The referrals to the video referee, if not at an all-time high, are at all-time levels of annoying.

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Michael Ennis has urged the NRL to strip back the powers of video referees after Cronulla were nearly robbed of a win over Canberra due to a howler.

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Whether or not technology increasing the accuracy of sporting adjudications is a good thing or not is questionable.

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At the halfway point during the first game of the NRL round, all the talk was unfortunately, once again, about the officiating.

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At approximately 8.20pm on Friday night during the Canterbury versus Roosters game, the video referees might have hit a new low.

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The video referee is stealing the heart of the game away from the fans and the enjoyment of the game from the players.

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In a bold move designed to address the recent spate of baffling referee decisions, NRL boss Dave Smith has decided to appoint Stephen Hawking as the sole video referee for NRL games.

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National Rugby League referees are finding it harder to make important calls because the video referee is doing it for them.

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The DRS controversy which has plagued Australia’s Ashes campaign has stretched its tentacles to the NRL, with several baffling decisions leaving coaches confused in the run-in to the finals series.

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After four weeks of mayhem, common sense has finally prevailed at NRL headquarters with video referees handed the power to determine the significance of block runners in try-scoring situations.

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Having watched North Queensland get bundled out of the NRL finals race at the hands of Manly, again – and at the SFS, again – I have been philosophical about why I think the Cowboys lost with arguably their best ever line-up.

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Humans like to whinge. Let’s face it, even the most placid individual has a penchant for spotting injustice and magnifying it. There’s something particularly special about bagging a referee though.

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The late great rugby league player and commentator Rex Mossop had a few pet hates. Having the male genitalia shoved down his throat – figuratively speaking – was one.

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The video challenge system could be a great thing for rugby league, but what should a coach be able to dispute?

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While watching the Australian Open with friends the other night, I asked how good it would be if NRL players could challenge a referee’s decision.

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Decision reviews, video replays and goal-line technology ruin the spectacle of games, and reduce them to clinical, quasi-legal inquiries. It is time for the myth of ‘getting it right, 100% of the time’ to be abandoned so we can see more sport, and less painstaking deliberation.

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It would seem we have to wait until the Independent Commission is in place before any type of changes are made to the NRL – and no doubt they will have a lot on their plate come first day of operation.

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The opening State of Origin produced no major surprises. The most predictable thing to come from the match being controversy with the video referee. Yet again.

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