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It was nice to see Australia’s under-23 team get off to a winning start in China, on the same night Robbie Slater unleashed a stinging critique of the FFA.

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Socceroos great Robbie Slater says a visit to Australia by Manchester United would be the next big step for a game on the move.

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Our football culture has been a hot topic over the last week. Whether you are a Spanish passing nut or in favour of the British long ball, your chosen style of football has come under the microscope.

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The past couple of weeks in footballing circles have served as a reminder of the divisions and issues faced by our game. Old rivalries and attitudes have shown that they are as prevalent now as they have been in decades past.

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So, after a few days in which divisive spot fires popped up all over the Australian football scene, it was nice of Sydney FC and Perth Glory to come together last night and play out one of the drabbest games of the season.

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The weekend’s unedifying spat between Robbie Slater and Craig Foster around A-League coach Jim Magilton says much about football in Australia.

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SBS Chief Football analyst Craig Foster was labelled a racist yesterday, in an astonishing Twitter tirade from Fox Sports pundit, former Socceroo, and ex-Blackburn Rovers player Robbie Slater.

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“The one signing which just got me completely perplexed was Francis Awaritefe,” said Fox Sports analyst Robbie Slater on the appointment of Melbourne Victory’s new Director of Football.

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Brisbane Roar has announced the appointment of former Socceroo and football analyst Paul Trimboli to the position of General Manager of Football. Earlier, Francis Awaritefe was announced as Melbourne Victory’s Football Director, which drew the ire of pundit Robbie Slater.

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What a week in Australian football! Maradona confesses that he and his La Albiceleste teammates took drugs against the Socceroos before a second-leg World Cup qualifier in 1993, and two of the Socceroos participants couldn’t give a flying fox.

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Robbie Slater says Australian soccer was naive not to ensure drug testing took place at the World Cup qualifiers with Argentina in 1993 but insists Diego Maradona’s claims of doping won’t sour his memories of the experience.

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It might seem strange, but the moments after Harry Kewell’s dramatic winner against Iraq in the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup on Sunday morning highlighted one of my biggest concerns with Australia’s football culture.

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Craig Foster wants to know his “appropriate role” is in the next evolution of football. Robbie Slater suggests he should buy us all Christmas presents. And Andrew Jennings says he should resign as head of Football Federation Australia and give taxpayers their money back. They’re all talking, of course, about Frank Lowy.

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The ugly spat between Fox Sports pundit Robbie Slater and Socceroos star Harry Kewell has been a stain on the game in Australia.

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“And now you want to create this circus? Because why? Are you jealous of me? What have I ever done to you? Nothing.” If there’s one thing to take out of this week’s juvenile squabble between Harry Kewell and Robbie Slater, it is that it is of little benefit to either.

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While Australians can sympathise with the frustrations experienced during the recent World Cup campaign, no one saw the ensuing ‘cat-fight’ between former team mates Robbie Slater and Harry Kewell coming.

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Harry Kewell’s manager believes his client has “strong grounds” for legal action against former Socceroos teammate Robbie Slater but admits it would be the last thing Australian football needs.

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Anyone watching Fox Sports FC the other night was treated to an uncomfortable and heated on-air discussion. Harry Kewell phoned in from Istanbul to defend himself against a column written by Robbie Slater.

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A fired-up Harry Kewell has angrily hit back at criticism aimed at him by former Socceroos teammate Robbie Slater, saying claims he was a spent force for the national team were “disrespectful”.

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Fox Sports FC last night hosted the second round in an increasingly ugly feud between ex-Socceroo and current football pundit, Robbie Slater, and Socceroo star, Harry Kewell.

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