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As an Australian rugby fan, it seems that these days the focus is on the blight of the game at the professional level, the inept performances of our domestic sides, and our inability to compete with league, football and Aussie rules.

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What does Rugby Australia need? Centralised contracts!

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Rugby Australia has today announced it has stood down Wallabies and Queensland Reds forward James Slipper for two months, as well as issuing him a $27,500 fine, after he returned a second positive test for cocaine.

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Wallabies captain Michael Hooper is keeping Rugby Australia hanging as he weighs up his playing future.

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In psychology, learned helplessness is a depressive mental state in which an organism forced to bear aversive stimuli, or stimuli that are painful or otherwise unpleasant, becomes unable or unwilling to avoid subsequent encounters with said stimuli.

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Former Wallabies captain George Gregan wants Israel Folau to stop preaching and let his football do the talking as Rugby Australia agonises over how to deal with the divisive superstar.

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Rugby Australia boss Raelene Castle admits dealing with Israel Folau and his extreme religious beliefs is a huge conundrum for which she doesn’t have an immediate answer to.

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Israel Folau has become a problem for Rugby Australia, and the game’s governing body must do something meaningful about him.

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Can there be anything more curious than paying $650,000 per annum to a fit, 30-year-old, Super Rugby and Rugby Championship winning flyhalf – with 70 Test caps and 129 Super Rugby matches under his belt – to play club rugby in Brisbane?

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Case 1: A star rugby player expresses the traditional Christian view on hell and gay people, admittedly in a blunt and uncompromising manner.

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Israel Folau has revealed he offered to walk away from his Rugby Australia contract in the wake of his controversial comments on homosexuality and that tension remains with the game’s administration over the issue.

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He’s been able to answer most of the on-field questions posed by opponents, but now Israel Folau must answer to his off-field bosses.

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Rugby Australia will grill Israel Folau over his use of social media after the Wallabies superstar’s latest homophobic comment, which is in stark contrast to the position of its major sponsor.

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We begin this week with Rugby Australia’s resistance to entertain the idea of possibly changing the kick-off time of the second Wallabies versus Ireland Test in Melbourne on June 16.

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They’re taking our jobs! We need to look after our own! Make Australia strong again!

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Forget Super Rugby for a second. The game in this country really begins on March 24 in Queensland, April 7 in New South Wales and Canberra, and on April 21 in Melbourne.

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So Rugby Australia is faced with a billionaire rugby fanatic who wants to set up a rugby competition that involves a West Australian franchise and a number of Pacific and Asian franchises with his own money.

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Rugby Australia has announced two big changes that will have an impact on junior and senior rugby in order to improve safety at all levels.

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Rugby Australia chief executive Raelene Castle is willing to join forces with football to drive a redevelopment of the ageing Ballymore Stadium.

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When Raelene Castle became the first women CEO of Rugby Australia this week, there was another first.

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