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Think heritage eligibility rules at last year’s Rugby League World Cup were a tad confusing?

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Fiji captain Kevin Naiqama has called for the Fiji National rugby league board to be voted out and re-iterated the players will boycott until they get their World Cup prize money.

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Even with a passport from both Australia and the UK, and genetics that suggest I should reside somewhere north of France, there’s still not much I willingly admit that Brits do better than Aussies. But hosting Rugby League World Cups is one of them.

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After taking a week to reflect on the 2017 Rugby League World Cup, I have arrived at the opinion that it was the best one ever – or certainly the best one I’ve ever seen.

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International rugby league eligibility rules get a little fluid around world cup time, and the pall that fluidity casts asks some very strong questions about the core motivation behind representation. Pride, loyalty, and sacrifice.

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The Rugby League World Cup of 2017 ended with victory for Australia. Untouchable throughout the tournament, they beat England 6-0 in a tense final, winning the competition for the 11th time. In three of the four world cups they haven’t won, Australia were runners up.

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The 2017 Rugby League World Cup produced some remarkable moments that will live long in the minds of many fans.

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“So Fiji is actually a real place?”

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It seems the Rugby League World Cup (RLWC) has created an industry for its naysayers and those who simply dislike the sport.

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The 2017 Rugby League World Cup came to an end on Saturday as Australia completed the double winning both the men’s and women’s competitions on home soil.

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The World Cup final for 2017 was about as intense a game of Test match rugby league as I have ever seen.

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Australia have beaten a gutsy England 6-0 in a very physical and entertaining World Cup Final at Suncorp Stadium.

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Match result: Australia are the victors in the 2017 Rugby League World Cup, coming away from the final with a 6-0 win over England, and claiming their eleventh title.

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It’s the Grand Finale of the 2017 Rugby League World Cup, with the host nation, Australia, playing against England with the winner to be crowned World Champions. We’ve got everything you need to know about the game right here.

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The deciding match of the Rugby League World Cup is upon us, Australia hosting England at Suncorp Stadium tonight. Here are five predictions for the match.

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It’s true what they say – there is no rugby league offseason. No matter the time of year there’s always something to keep us entertained whether it be signing news, announcements from our clubs or movements at rugby league central.

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The result of tonight’s World Cup Final isn’t important.

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Let’s all be honest here, England is facing an incredibly daunting challenge today as they come up against Australia in the Rugby League World Cup final.

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The Rugby League World Cup cops a lot of stick, especially with many seeing it as a glorified process of showing Australia are the best team going around.

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When England and Australia walk out onto the pitch in Brisbane for the 15th rugby league world cup final on December 2, they will be competing to lift the Paul Barrière trophy.

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