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Our players and coaches are held publicly accountable for their actions, so why not officials?

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Neutral referees in Super Rugby are a must. My team (The Stormers) got the benefit of some seriously dodgy calls last weekend and not to mention one of the whackest tries ever given, but in all honesty, I find it rather adorable that we’ve had articles about terrible referee decisions the whole week now.

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Stephen Larkham was a great rugby player and is making a decent fist of coaching the Brumbies, but his advocacy of a two-referee system for rugby, similar to that used in the NRL, is perplexing and worrying. And it is wrong.

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Would you believe the rugby Rule Book stretches to 185 pages?

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Has Super Rugby suddenly got dirty or is it that there is a new ploy in town called intimidation by accusation, brawling and foul mouthing?

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The IRB International Referee Panel has been published. And if we ignore Steve Walsh, there is not one Australian referee on it.

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I recently read the Spiro Zavos report on the opening game of the Rugby World Cup, where he stated, “Referee Clancy ruins a brilliant RWC opening event.” Spiro, accurate as ever.

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I’m confused. I have been playing and supporting rugby since my parents took me down to Biggs Field in Sunnybank 35 years ago. There we tried to run, step, tackle, catch, kick and pass.

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All Blacks coach Graham Henry has taken a valid, and timely, swipe at today’s rugby referees suggesting they are simply not good enough.

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Stu Dickinson’s performance on the weekend has me asking an obvious question: why is the performance of a referee not assessed more systematically? Why not put an end to the kangaroo court and make public accountability official?

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With the likely dominance of the southern hemisphere teams at the business end of the tournament, the IRB have cleverly planned for an abundance of northern hemisphere refs to be available for the quarters, semi-finals and final.

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Modern rugby is hampered by confused, disjointed and misguided opinion of how to ‘fix the problem’ in the structure of the rules and horrifically inconsistent refereeing as a result of widespread confusion.

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The rugby in this site is crawling with current referees, ex-referees, friends of referees, and their ilk. So why would I, just your normal rugby enthusiast, attempt to go where angels fear to tread?

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Referee Matt Goddard officially retired today because of chronic injury. A few of you may in fact be jubilated by this, but you will actually realize it’s a bad thing when you see the new referees who are in line for Super 14 duties next year.

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Referees on the international circuit this year have come under enormous scrutiny. Most referees who are on the international panel are full time referees, which means that they are paid to referee and it is their career.

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Something is wrong when even a close Bledisloe Cup decider is largely a boring spectacle, but I reckon that’s what Saturday’s match was – and what most rugby matches are these days.

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I’ve been fascinated to read the posts of the “Monday morning moaners” following what, for most of them, appeared to be another in a string of “awful” referee performances in rugby internationals so far this season.

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