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Cricket needs a little bit of sledging, says Australian Cricketers’ Association president Greg Dyer.

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I have played plenty of cricket and understand the appeal, and dare I say the value, of sledging, but this will be a critical missive.

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Sledging isn’t racist or homophobic. It will always be an integral part of sport.

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The recently concluded India vs Australia Bangalore Test was a gem as far as the quality of cricket and the swinging fortunes throughout the match were concerned.

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Sledging has always been an inherent part of sport. After all, a player’s aim is to throw the opposition off their game so they can gain an advantage.

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There’s a saying that 90 per cent of cricket is mental. The ability to keep a calm head is just as important as the ability to play a turning delivery or a swinging ball. So why should the mental part of the game be ignored when trying to defeat an opposition?

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It would not be an Australian summer of cricket if there was no sledging on the field. And it would not be an Australian summer of cricket without heated debate about the legality of the tactic.

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Ian Chappell was recently criticised for comments saying that sledging was becoming too personal. But I think he is right and it is having a negative effect on a lot of Australians.

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As I’ve watched our boys struggle against Pakistan inside Dubai’s silent bowl of chairs, my mind has raced with the usual juvenile tactics that become attractive when your mob is copping a pasting.

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The second Ashes Test match wrapped up on Monday with Australia completing a 218-run victory and taking a 2-0 lead in the series.

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I was reading Darren Jolly’s Age column on sledging this week when I came across a reference to his former Collingwood teammate Josh Fraser: “I’m sure if he’d had a better attitude, we could have had a good ruck combination and he would have continued at the Pies for a bit longer.”

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Sledging is as much a part of Australian sport as mullets, moustaches and ‘taking it one game at a time’. Here is a look at sledging throughout the ages.

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Ah, sledging in cricket. A comment about poor technique there, a few words here, it’s all about what former New Zealand wicketkeeper Adam Parore called “mental gamesmanship.”

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It is fair to say that the recent Australia India Test series failed to live up to the hype. India’s big name batting line-up failed miserably, aside from Zaheer Khan the bowling was poor, and they fielded like a team from the ‘90s.

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With The Ashes lost, cricket fans en masse have turned their attention to finding fault and identifying the reasons for our failure. Unfortunately the same noises are not as forthcoming from within the team.

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Rudyard Kipling wrote memorably about ‘the muddied oafs’ of rugby football and the ‘flannelled fools’ of cricket. The cricket part of the description sums up the behaviour of Shane Watson and Sulieman Benn in the Perth Test between Australia and the West Indies.

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Australia’s former opening batsman Justin Langer has branded England cricketers “lazy”, “shallow” and “flat” in a secret dossier distributed to the Australian team before the latest Ashes Test series began.

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The most peculiar moment of the Lord’s Test came when Russell Crowe, cousin of the match referee, Jeff Crowe, entered the Sky TV commentary box and proceeded to lambast the “lack of ruthlessness” shown by the Australian team in Cardiff.

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Michael Hussey gave younger brother David a bit of chin music in the nets at Australian training in Grenada today. But that was nothing compared to what used to go down in the Hussey family backyard when the duelling brothers were kids.

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