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Australia has learned how to qualify for World Cups, now we must learn how to play them.

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It will go down as one of the greatest victories in Australian sports history, but the Socceroos’ 2-1 win over Serbia this morning is tinged with regret. Despite gaining the three points required, Australia were agonisingly knocked out of the World Cup on goal difference.

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This column was going to be exclusively about the Socceroos’ gutsy performance against Ghana, but it would be remiss of me to ignore an even more impressive performance by the New Zealand All Whites to hold out defending champions Italy in the upset of the tournament.

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As unedifying as the media war which erupted in the wake of the ‘Disaster in Durban’ is, what it may do is galvanise the Socceroos. Some of the criticism of Pim Verbeek and his players has been savage, but it will all be forgotten if Australia beats Ghana tomorrow.

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Socceroo officials’ Save Tim Cahill campaign has worked. Now the players have to save their World Cup without their star midfielder with victory over Ghana on Saturday in Rustenburg.

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Veteran defender Craig Moore has declared the Socceroos’ organisational shambles against Germany a “blip” that they can fix ahead of Saturday’s must-win World Cup clash with Ghana.

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In the wake of Australia’s embarrassing loss to Germany, I’ve been inundated with queries, from here and South Africa, from those wanting to know my thoughts on what went wrong. My simple answer has been a question: hasn’t it been coming?

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The Socceroos lamentable performance against Germany has raised some serious questions about our national team and our high performance development plans.

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Since the embarrassing 4-0 defeat our Socceroos suffered at the hands of Germany, media outlets have been quick to share their uneducated opinions about the game we call football… or soccer.

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This article is intended as a bit of a plea, mainly to those Socceroos fans who are writing such bile, and taking the 4-0 result against Germany so badly.

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Pim Verbeek gambled and failed. The Socceroos’ deficiencies, that we had discussed at length, were on full display against the brilliant Germans, together with Verbeek’s tactical naivety. We can still survive Group D, but if we don’t Verbeek will be the scapegoat.

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Two wins, or it’s all over. Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek admits the embarrassing 4-0 loss to a superb Germany in their World Cup Group D opening match in Durban has left his side in damage control to salvage their tournament.

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Having suffered the trauma of their heaviest defeat in World Cup finals history, the Socceroos must now pick themselves off the floor to defeat Ghana without their most influential player Tim Cahill.

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It’s your wedding night. After two and a half years of being engaged, your bride reveals to you she’s just cut her hair, had Botox, silicon implants, a tattoo sleeve and a sex change.

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As we now know, Australia lost its World Cup opener to Germany by a hefty margin. 4-0. I don’t think there is a lot of benefit in dwelling on the result. The performance and the margin were disappointing, but the result was expected.

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After Germany’s trouncing of the Socceroos in South Africa, many have rushed into pointing the finger at the man in-charge, Pim Verbeek.

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I am writing from Papua New Guinea as a Socceroos fan. Waking up early to watch you play that pathetic game was a great disappointment. You not only did not play well, you played like school kids.

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In the past eight hours I’ve read that the Socceroos 4-0 defeat was the worst sporting performance by an Australian team (on the World Game), an unmitigated disaster (on The Roar), and a whole host of other things, ranging from a national disgrace to the death of the sport in this country.

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I was planning to write a review of how I thought the Socceroos played in their first match against Germany. Now there seems little point. We lost. Forget about it. Move on.

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When will world football take Australia seriously? There’s a real struggle ahead for the Socceroos, and not just in this World Cup.

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