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I always had a slight problem with the Papua New Guinea government putting so much money into rugby league.

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Following Australia’s 1-0 win against Greece at Sydney’s ANZ stadium, coach Ange Postecoglou again criticised the standard of pitches serving as Australian venues for international competition.

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The controversial proposed upgrade of Allianz Stadium is set to be put aside, with the NSW government green-lighting a $1.6 billion stadium redevelopment package focused on ANZ Stadium.

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During September 2015, NSW Premier Mike Baird announced a $1.6 billion strategy to build or upgrade a few stadiums in the next ten years, with a belief that “If you have better sports facilities and make the experience more attractive, people are more likely to come.”

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There has been plenty of talk about sporting venues in Sydney and its surrounds.

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My favourite stadium is not named after a sugary, ass-fattening beverage, or a mentally unstable man’s mobile phone warehouse. It also does not try to build up unrealistic expectations of itself with lame adjectives such as ‘super’ or ‘mega’ or ‘super-awesome-mega’.

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I have written about this before, but I feel this topic needs to be revisited at this time of the year: Melbourne needs a third football stadium.

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A couple of weeks ago, Hobart’s Mercury newspaper published an article about two young Tasmanians and their aim to see Hobart host the 2020 Olympics. Of course it isn’t realistic, and their bid is more an example of patriotism and humour, with venues such as “David Foster Stadium” and “Regina Arena” being proposed.

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Everyone has seen the articles coming out at the moment regarding the use of the MCG, and more particularly, Docklands Stadium as World Cup venues and the impact it will have on the AFL season.

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Although calling it a crisis may be out there, there is little doubt that some grounds pose a problem for A-League teams. It may not and should not be a top priority for the FFA, but finding true homes for our teams must be somewhere on the to-do list.

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There has been considerable discussion on news stories, forums and blogs about the apparent “threat” to domestic codes of our World cup bid. The reality of the situation is very different.

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