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This is a story of two halves. I sat in the press box for the first half, and my official and lovely photographer was on the field.

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Imagine, for a moment, that instead of fronting up to Ireland tomorrow morning (AEST), the All Blacks are taking on the USA Eagles on Chicago’s hallowed Soldier Field. 

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When thinking about rugby in the Americas you would be forgiven automatically jumping to the rise of Argentina as a power in the game.

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Rugby fans in the United States are set to be rewarded for their support of the sport, with the launch of the first professional rugby competition based in North America being announced.

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While it looks at first glance like a fairly mundane pool, with South Africa likely to advance, there’s a bit of spice in Pool B.

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Without doubt the weakest of all the groups, South Africa should breeze through Pool B untroubled.

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It’s just over a year until the Rio Olympics, when rugby takes a momentous leap into the future, with Sevens featuring for the first time.

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For slightly over a year I have been following the progress of an up and coming major league in the USA. No it’s not Lacrosse… It’s our very own rugby union!

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I will make a prediction straight off the bat. The USA Eagles will emerge from the pool stage of the 2023 World Cup and make the semi-finals by 2027.

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A Chicago newspaper confusing the All Blacks as an Aussie team shows how little interest there is for rugby in the USA.

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The sleeping giant that is United States rugby is stirring.

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All Blacks coach Steve Hansen is staunchly defending the rookie team named to play the high-profile Test against the United States in Chicago.

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Over the weekend, Japan and the USA had home games against traditional rugby heavyweights, something they don’t get often.

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America, a potential rugby colossus that’s been drowsing since it won gold at the 1924 Olympics, is finally getting out of bed.

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“USA rugby is a sleeping giant.” If I had a dollar for every time I have heard something along the lines of that statement I would be a very rich man.

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Who? A Japanese and American club. What? Super Rugby. When? In 5-10 years. Where? Some say Tokyo, some say LA. Why?

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The IRB’s faith in the opportunities to develop the game as a commercial entity in the United States has come to fruition in the form of 64,102 paying customers passing through the gates of last weekend’s Las Vegas stop of the IRB World Sevens Series.

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Is professional rugby in the USA imminent? For a keen observer of rugby in the land considered the sleeping giant of the game, the question of when rugby would take the next step in its development and establish a professional league here has always been uncertain.

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Italy will be looking to keep their 2011 Rugby World Cup dream alive and put pressure on Ireland when they face the USA in Nelson this afternoon. Join us from 4.30pm AEST for live scores of all the action as it unfolds.

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Rob Horne’s Rugby World Cup is all but over and Pat McCabe’s could be too after Australia’s crippling injury toll rose to desperate levels during Friday night’s 67-5 thrashing of the USA in Wellington.

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