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Often people walk into the pub I work at – the once infamous Commercial Hotel, which was at one stage the fourth most violent pub in New South Wales and is now arguably Dubbo’s best place to get a feed – and double take when they see me behind the bar pulling a beer.

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Australia face a double-or-nothing deal at next year’s Rugby World Cup: win it or return without a coach.

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There have been some stunning debut performances for the Wallabies over the years, but if we were to make a team of them, who could make the cut?

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What do the numbers four and six have in common?

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Spiro’s nostalgic trips down memory are great reads, but he seems to have one foot perennially stuck in the past.

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The Maori have a poignant saying when a great person dies: “A mighty Totara has fallen in the forest.”

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Sir Nicholas Shehadie, one of only two Wallabies to ever be knighted and a former Australian captain, passed away late last night in hospital. He was 92.

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Bernard Foley could be a lot worse for the Waratahs than Matt Renshaw was with the bat for Queensland pre-Ashes but still comfortably get picked for Australia’s first Test this year.

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The Wallabies’ hopes of ending their long Bledisloe Cup drought have been boosted with this year’s third Test to be played on neutral territory in Japan.

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New Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle says regaining the Bledisloe Cup is her priority, but the Wallabies could end up facing a 2018 decider in Asia.

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It’s a compelling mystery. Why are some clubs stronger than others in practice, even when their array of talent does not appear to be as formidable on paper?

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Sporting rivalries are a funny thing. Everyone has that mate or that team they just can’t stand to lose to. At anything. Ever.

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With rugby’s global calendar chock full of what the broadcasters like to call ‘content’, what was previously considered the ‘off-season’ is now a nebulous concept for many rugby fans and players.

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By , 26 Jan 2018

While the Six Nations may be all anybody can think about at the moment, it’s worth noticing that the Super Rugby season is only a month away. As a result, my post-traumatic stress has started to kick in, and I feel there is a need to address to current flux of Australian rugby.

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Historically, many rugby players derive wholesome joy and build healthy camaraderie from sledging.

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David Pocock’s much-anticipated return to Super Rugby will be delayed because of a knee surgery.

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In my rather short Roar career, I have a had a decent crack at the Wallabies ‘brains trust’ because of the attacking and defensive structures they employ. In doing so, I have also had a decent crack at their selections.

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For the first time in over twelve years, there is a vacancy in the middle of the Australian front row.

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They say the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. Here’s another, rather more contemporary rugby truth: David Pocock will be welcomed back to Australia with open arms in 2018.

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2017 was a tumultuous year for rugby union in Australia, but 2018 has started off on a positive foot with Rugby Australia announcing a pay increase for Super Rugby players on Wednesday morning in their new collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

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