January 12, 2018

Beast sends FOUR defenders into next week with ONE monstrous fend!

Defender’s flung away like matches after coming up against Braiden Magel

  1. Peter says:

    I am 61 years old and Rugby League has been part of my entire life. Is it something wrong with me that I find the video of Braiden Magel’s ‘run’ most disturbing? Not Braiden’s fault or problem in any way! I hope the kid goes on to an outstanding football future. I don’t know how to fix the ‘problem’ of ‘men’ playing against ‘children’ in aged based league juniours, (weight based is so involved and difficult to run, and easy to rort, tried and failed), but in this time when it is so hard to get, and retain, juniours, this ‘imbalance’ doesn’t help at all. It doesn’t even help Braiden. Over time, his physical advantage will diminish as the other kids develop and grow. How many times have I seen ‘the Braidens’ lose interests when their dominance wanes, no matter what their actual skills level.

  2. Dan says:

    Yep, agree. This is hardly football.. or sport… does nothing for the big kid who doesn’t need to learn any skills and the little kids get out of the sport… The Kiwi’s seem to be doing ok with weight based footy though – they have been doing it for 20years now and seem to be going ok…

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