December 4, 2017

The epic game-winning kick that sent Nudgee into raptures

In this incredible scene from the upcoming sports series on Fox Sports, Reesjan Pasitoa in his first game for the school lines up a kick that will win the game for the home side. The show airs on Fox Sports every Monday starting on the 4/12/2017

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  1. elvis says:

    In close to 40 years involvement with Nudgee College, I’ve never once heard it referred to as St Joseph’s. It’s part of the official name but no-one ever calls it that, it’s St Joseph’s College Nudgee, or recently in a case of wanky corporate rebranding it’s St Joseph’s Nudgee College. Why you would change the name of a school with over a hundred years of history is a mystery known only to the suits in charge. But to everyone else, it’s Nudgee College or just plain Nudgee.

    • Vinnie Gorham says:

      Hi Elvis, apologies for this! I went to Joey’s in Sydney and we were always St Joseph’s first, and when I googled the school, it always came up as St Joseph’s Nudgee College. I have updated the title. Did you enjoy episode one?

  2. Jacky says:

    TSS gave Nudgee a real touch up this year and should have been unbeaten but for some bad luck against Ipswich This aside I will look forward to seeing the second episode

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