To whom is my allegiance owed?

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This could be a touchy topic. I was born in New Zealand, and as such, supported the All Blacks through childhood. At 21 I moved to Australia for university and it was meant to be for just three years.

Realising that Australia is just simply a better place, I decided to stay, and subsequently became a citizen.

Given that: I was now a citizen of Australia, my girlfriend was Australian, the majority of my friends were Australian, my accent had slowly changed to make myself more understandable to my friends and co-workers, my employer was Australian, my taxes went to the Australian government, my health care costs were largely taken care of by the Australian health care system, etc, I decided that on the next international between New Zealand and Australia, I would support the Wallabies.

I followed through with this, and although strange at first, it is now natural.

To some people, this would be the ultimate form of betrayal, but to me, I feel I am being loyal to my new home country that welcomed me, educated me, and now sustains me.

I was wondering what you guys have to say about this.

Has anyone else switched allegiances, or is it more common to support the home team until death do you part?

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