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FIFA Rankings: Every international football side's current standings

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The FIFA World Rankings determine which football side is the best in the world in between World Cups and other tournaments.

Current FIFA men’s Rankings

Powerhouse countries like Argentina, Brazil and Germany traditionally dominate the standings, while Australia typically sits around the 40-50 mark. The rankings are updated on a monthly basis, often on the first or second Thursday of the month (European time).

Australia jumped two places to 23rd despite bowing out of the AFC Asian Cup at the quarter-final stage, but have since dropped back to 24th.

Here are the top 20 ranked teams plus the ranking of the Socceroos.

Rank Country Change
1 Argentina
2 France
3 Belgium +1
4 England -1
5 Brazil
6 Portugal +1
7 Netherlands -1
8 Spain
9 Italy
10 Croatia
11 USA +2
12 Colombia +2
13 Morocco -1
14 Mexico +1
15 Uruguay -4
16 Germany
17 Senegal
18 Japan
19 Switzerland
20 Iran
24 Australia -1

To see the standings of all 209 nations, head over to FIFA’s website.

Socceroos’ world ranking


Australia has something of a mixed history in the FIFA rankings.

Their best-ever ranking came in September 2009, when they were listed as the 14th-best side in the world.

The side’s worst ranking came five years later in November 2014 following a disastrous lead-up to and group stage of the World Cup, when they lost all three pool matches against Chile, the Netherlands and Spain. They slipped to 102nd in the world, the only time they’ve broken three figures.

They currently sit 25th at the end of 2023, after rising 11 places courtesy of their run to the round of 16 at the World Cup in late 2022. Their post-World Cup ranking was the Socceroos’ highest since being 20th in March 2012.

Current FIFA women’s Rankings

The women’s rankings are almost always dominated by the USA, though they have recently slipped to fourth following an early exit at the 2023 World Cup.

The Matildas caused a stir by dropping one spot to 11th despite reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup, a decision that prompted outrage nationwide.


They currently sit 12th.

Rank Country Change
1 Spain +1
2 England +2
3 France +2
4 USA -2
5 Germany +1
6 Sweden -1
7 Japan +1
8 Netherlands -1
9 Canada +1
10 Brazil +1
11 North Korea -2
12 Australia
13 Denmark
14 Italy
15 Iceland
16 Norway
17 Austria
18 Belgium
19 China
20 South Korea

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