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NBA live stream and TV Guide - How to watch the NBA in Australia

LeBron James (Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

The NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world and, with more and more Aussies plying their trade in the States, you won’t want to miss any of the action this season. Here’s all the info you need to make sure you can watch the NBA via live stream or on TV in Australia.

Of course, if you’re more interested in watching Australia’s latest basketball sensation, Ben Simmons, head over to our Ben Simmons NBA fixtures page.

Australian NBA television 2020-21 schedule

The Australian ESPN and SBS schedules have been confirmed until the start of March.

All times and dates below are listed in AEDT/AEST (Sydney/Melbourne time).

Date Fixture Time Broadcast
Wed Dec 23 Warriors vs Nets 11:00am ESPN
Wed Dec 23 Clippers vs Lakers 2:00pm ESPN
Thu Dec 24 Bucks vs Celtics 11:30am ESPN
Thu Dec 24 Mavericks vs Suns 2:30pm ESPN
Sat Dec 26 Pelicans vs Heat 4:00am ESPN
Sat Dec 26 Warriors vs Bucks 6:30am ESPN
Sat Dec 26 Nets vs Celtics 9:00am ESPN
Sat Dec 26 Mavericks vs Lakers 12:00pm ESPN
Sat Dec 26 Clippers vs Nuggets 2:30pm ESPN
Sun Dec 27 76ers vs Knicks 11:30am SBS
Sun Dec 27 Rockets vs Trail Blazers 2:00pm ESPN
Mon Dec 28 Nets vs Hornets 11:00am SBS
Tue Dec 29 Trail Blazers vs Lakers 2:00pm SBS
Wed Dec 30 Bucks vs Heat 11:30am ESPN
Wed Dec 30 Pelicans vs Suns 2:00pm ESPN
Thu Dec 31 Bucks vs Heat 11:30am SBS
Thu Dec 31 Trail Blazers vs Clippers 2:00pm ESPN
Sat Jan 2 Lakers vs Spurs 12:00pm ESPN
Sat Jan 2 Trail Blazers vs Warriors 2:30pm SBS
Sun Jan 3 Raptors vs Pelicans 11:30am ESPN
Thu Jan 7 Celtics vs Heat 11:30am ESPN
Thu Jan 7 Clippers vs Warriors 2:00pm ESPN
Fri Jan 8 76ers vs Nets 11:30am ESPN
Fri Jan 8 Mavericks vs Nuggets 2:00pm ESPN
Sat Jan 9 Hornets vs Pelicans 11:30am ESPN
Sat Jan 9 Clippers vs Warriors 2:00pm ESPN
Sun Jan 10 Nuggets vs 76ers 7:00am SBS
Sun Jan 10 Heat vs Wizards 11:00am SBS
Sun Jan 10 Spurs vs Timberwolves 12:00pm ESPN
Thu Jan 14 Nets vs Knicks 11:30am ESPN
Thu Jan 14 Pelicans vs Clippers 2:00pm ESPN
Fri Jan 15 Heat vs 76ers 11:30am ESPN
Fri Jan 15 Warriors vs Nuggets 2:00pm ESPN
Sat Jan 16 Mavericks vs Bucks 11:30am ESPN
Sat Jan 16 Warriors vs Suns 1:00pm SBS
Sat Jan 16 Pelicans vs Lakers 2:00pm ESPN
Sun Jan 17 Magic vs Nets 10:00am SBS
Mon Jan 18 Jazz vs Nuggets 12:00pm SBS
Mon Jan 18 Pelicans vs Kings 1:00pm ESPN
Tue Jan 19 Suns vs Grizzlies 9:00am ESPN
Tue Jan 19 Bucks vs Nets 11:30am ESPN
Tue Jan 19 Warriors vs Lakers 2:00pm ESPN
Thu Jan 21 Celtics vs 76ers 11:00am ESPN
Thu Jan 21 Suns vs Rockets 1:30pm ESPN
Fri Jan 22 Lakers vs Bucks 11:30am ESPN
Fri Jan 22 Pelicans vs Jazz 2:00pm ESPN
Sat Jan 23 Celtics vs 76ers 11:30am ESPN
Sat Jan 23 Mavericks vs Spurs 12:30pm SBS
Sat Jan 23 Nuggets vs Suns 2:00pm ESPN
Sun Jan 24 Warriors vs Jazz 9:00am SBS
Sun Jan 24 Heat vs Nets 11:30am ESPN
Mon Jan 25 Hawks vs Bucks 11:30am SBS
Tue Jan 26 Heat vs Nets 11:30am SBS
Thu Jan 28 Lakers vs 76ers 11:30am ESPN
Thu Jan 28 Timberwolves vs Warriors 2:00pm ESPN
Fri Jan 29 Clippers vs Heat 11:00am ESPN
Fri Jan 29 Trail Blazers vs Rockets 1:30pm ESPN
Sat Jan 30 Bucks vs Pelicans 11:30am ESPN
Sat Jan 30 Mavericks vs Jazz 2:00pm ESPN
Sun Jan 31 Rockets vs Pelicans 11:00am SBS
Sun Jan 31 Lakers vs Celtics 12:30pm ESPN
Mon Feb 1 Nets vs Wizards 11:00am SBS
Tue Feb 2 Lakers vs Hawks 11:30am SBS
Wed Feb 3 Clippers vs Nets 11:30am ESPN
Wed Feb 3 Celtics vs Warriors 2:00pm ESPN
Thu Feb 4 Pacers vs Bucks 11:00am ESPN
Thu Feb 4 Suns vs Pelicans 1:30pm ESPN
Fri Feb 5 Warriors vs Mavericks 11:30am ESPN
Fri Feb 5 Nuggets vs Lakers 2:00pm ESPN
Sat Feb 6 Raptors vs Nets 11:30am ESPN
Sat Feb 6 Celtics vs Clippers 2:00pm ESPN
Sun Feb 7 Nets vs 76ers 11:00am SBS
Sun Feb 7 Warriors vs Mavericks 12:30pm ESPN
Tue Feb 9 Warriors vs Spurs 12:30pm SBS
Wed Feb 10 Rockets vs Pelicans 11:30am ESPN
Wed Feb 10 Celtics vs Jazz 2:00pm ESPN
Thu Feb 11 Hawks vs Mavericks 11:30am ESPN
Thu Feb 11 Bucks vs Suns 2:00pm ESPN
Fri Feb 12 Heat vs Rockets 11:30am ESPN
Fri Feb 12 76ers vs Trail Blazers 2:00pm ESPN
Sat Feb 13 Pelicans vs Mavericks 11:30am ESPN
Sat Feb 13 Grizzlies vs Lakers 2:00pm ESPN
Sun Feb 14 76ers vs Suns 9:00am SBS
Sun Feb 14 Nets vs Warriors 12:30pm ESPN
Mon Feb 15 Lakers vs Nuggets 11:30am SBS
Tue Feb 16 Heat vs Clippers 2:00pm SBS
Wed Feb 17 Pelicans vs Grizzlies 11:30am ESPN
Wed Feb 17 Nets vs Suns 2:00pm ESPN
Thu Feb 18 Rockets vs 76ers 11:30am ESPN
Thu Feb 18 Heat vs Warriors 2:00pm ESPN
Fri Feb 19 Raptors vs Bucks 11:30am ESPN
Fri Feb 19 Nets vs Lakers 2:00pm ESPN
Sat Feb 20 Bulls vs 76ers 11:00am ESPN
Sat Feb 20 Mavericks vs Rockets 1:30pm ESPN
Sun Feb 21 Warriors vs Hornets 11:00am SBS
Sun Feb 21 Heat vs Lakers 12:30pm ESPN
Mon Feb 22 Celtics vs Pelicans 7:30am ESPN
Mon Feb 22 Timberwolves vs Knicks 11:00am SBS
Mon Feb 22 Nets vs Clippers 12:00pm ESPN
Wed Feb 24 Celtics vs Mavericks 11:30am ESPN
Wed Feb 24 Trail Blazers vs Nuggets 2:00pm ESPN
Thu Feb 25 Raptors vs Heat 11:30am ESPN
Thu Feb 25 Lakers vs Jazz 2:00pm ESPN
Fri Feb 26 Mavericks vs 76ers 11:00am ESPN
Fri Feb 26 Clippers vs Grizzlies 12:00pm SBS
Fri Feb 26 Pelicans vs Bucks 1:30pm ESPN
Sat Feb 27 Pacers vs Celtics 11:30am ESPN
Sat Feb 27 Trail Blazers vs Lakers 2:00pm ESPN
Sun Feb 28 Pelicans vs Spurs 10:00am SBS
Sun Feb 28 Mavericks vs Nets 12:30pm ESPN
Mon Mar 1 Clippers vs Bucks 7:30am ESPN
Mon Mar 1 Wizards vs Celtics 11:00am SBS
Mon Mar 1 Warriors vs Lakers 12:00pm ESPN
Tue Mar 2 Pacers vs 76ers 11:00am SBS
Wed Mar 3 Clippers vs Celtics 11:30am ESPN
Wed Mar 3 Suns vs Lakers 2:00pm ESPN
Thu Mar 4 Nets vs Rockets 11:30am ESPN
Thu Mar 4 Warriors vs Trail Blazers 2:00pm ESPN
Fri Mar 5 Raptors vs Celtics 11:00am ESPN
Fri Mar 5 Bucks vs Grizzlies 12:00pm SBS
Fri Mar 5 Heat vs Pelicans 1:30pm ESPN

NBA League Pass Australia

If you want to be able to watch each and every game this NBA season, then the league’s digital streaming service, NBA League Pass, is your best option. League Pass has three options.

The cheapest option, coming in at $11.99 per month, is an NBA TV package, which provides you with up to ten games per week live and in high definition as well as 24/7 programming from NBA TV. However, you can’t watch any games on-demand and many of the best games each week – such as the All-Star game – aren’t available.


The standard League Pass package lets you watch every game of the year live or on demand, also in high definition. You’ll be able to check out all the action from the pre-season, regular season, All-Star weekend and the playoffs. You won’t however, get access to NBA TV. This package will set you back $37.99 per month.

For the best of both worlds, there is a premium package available for the maddest of basketball fans. For the rather dear price of $44.99 each month, you’ll get every game of the year – pre-season, All-Star weekend, playoffs and finals included – live and on demand, as well as access to NBA TV.

Pay TV

If League Pass is a bit over the top for you, you can always watch basketball’s premier competition on pay TV. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then you’re in luck; ESPN, the channel which owns the NBA broadcast rights in Australia, doubled their coverage of the competition a few years ago, with a minimum of five live games per week.

Aussie hoops fans get 190 matches per season under the current agreement, including the playoffs, finals, All-Star weekend, and all the big regular season games. Normally, it’s broken down with a double-header on Thursday with games on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and at least one earlier in the week.

A Foxtel subscription with the sports package included will get you access to ESPN, and comes in at a cost of $51 per month.

You can, however, stream all of ESPN’s NBA content through Kayo Sports, which allows you to view all of Foxtel’s sporting content on your preferred mobile device for just $25 a month.

This season, free-to-air broadcaster SBS have also jumped in on the action, giving Aussie hoops fans even more content. You can also catch some matches on the MIA app, which has a bunch of augmented reality features to enhance the experience. This service requires a separate subscription fee, however.


NBA Playoffs and Finals

ESPN will show a number of games from the first two rounds of the playoffs, before they show every game of the Conference Finals and Finals.

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