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Only one opposition team can dream of copying Richmond

If you want to win a game of AFL football, is it better to grind your opponent down by getting the little things of defensive pressure right every time, or blow them away with big, bold strokes of unbeatable superstar play?

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The nine days of insanity that were Round 20 of the A-League

The protracted 20th round of A-League football produced the ultimate irony.

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The best golf courses you should play before you kick the bucket

When I was playing golf professionally on the American tour I used to get wrapped up in the one-week tournament schedule, moving from one course to the next.

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AFL preview series: Carlton Blues – 17th

In the back of a car on a long journey, children are famous for asking “Are we there yet?” Their attention span isn’t long, they get bored after a while, and just want to know if they’ve arrived.

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When sport, war and ethnicity collide

Think heritage eligibility rules at last year’s Rugby League World Cup were a tad confusing?

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Super Rugby has begun: Bold February predictions

It’s a rare event that you get to do a token season preview piece after a season has begun, and this was an opportunity I wasn’t going to miss.

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Time for A-League clubs to show their cards

The long-anticipated delegation from FIFA and AFC arrives in town this week, as they look the mediate a resolution between the FFA and the club owners regarding the make-up of the FFA Congress – and, ultimately, the future of the game in Australia.  

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Australia must attack Kiwi spin pair

Australia have so few accomplishments in T20 that tomorrow’s tri-series final against New Zealand is significant. Getting after the Kiwi spinners will be key to victory.

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A definitive ranking of Winter Olympic sports: An armchair expert’s guide

Last week, I read this article on The Ringer which ranks each category of Winter Olympic sports according to viewing experience.

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The Wrap: Will reversion to 15 teams be enough to revive Super Rugby?

2017 was a year that, for rugby fans in the southern hemisphere, made Queen Elizabeth’s 1992 ‘Annus Horribilis’ or Barnaby Joyce’s last few months seem like a walk in the park.

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AFL preview series: Gold Coast Suns – 18th

Gold Coast lost their final game of 2017 by 115 points, kicking only three goals in the process. They had literally two scoring shots after quarter time.

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It’s time for the FFA to step up – or stand aside

AFLX might be the most blatant act of colonisation since Australia was first settled, but football should get its own affairs in order before we point fingers.

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A definitive ranking of Hearthstone’s Death Knights

With the Hearthstone Championship Tour in Sydney this weekend, we’ve been going through some of the game’s more prominent cards and working out just which ones are true match winners. Today, it’s the Death Knight hero cards.

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Hunt barred from returning to training with Reds

Karmichael Hunt won’t be permitted to resume training with the Queensland Reds despite dodging a conviction for drug possession.

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All filler no killer: Four top teams just making up the numbers in 2018

Ever wondered what it feels like to support Everton in the English Premier League? To watch your team try hard, play well, but with no real prospect of winning anything? Well, for the fans of four NRL teams, you’re about to find out.

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Folau’s love of rugby could save the Waratahs in 2018

The Maori have a poignant saying when a great person dies: “A mighty Totara has fallen in the forest.”

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Ruan Sims with the Nellie Doherty Cup

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Russell Westbrook out leaps Karl Anthony-Towns

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Virat Kohli runs between the wickets vs Pakistan

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Johnathan Thurston NRL Rugby League North Queensland Cowboys 2017

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Jia Zongyang of China

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Jessica Fishlock

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Roy O'Donovan of the Jets celebrates scoring

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Marcus Stoinis

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The Roar of the crowd

Your sports opinion. Write your own article
Peter Sterling discusses the big issues ahead of the 2018 NRL season (Part 1)

The NRL pre-season is here and we are now just under a month away from the regular season.

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Matt Renshaw blasts a timely century

After a horrific first six rounds of the Sheffield Shield season, Queensland opener Matt Renshaw has returned to form in emphatic fashion, blasting 170 against Victoria to help the Bulls stay atop the table.

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Andrew ‘Bluemayne’ has endeared himself to the Sydney FC faithful

When Andrew Redmayne joined Sydney FC following the departure of Vedran Janjetovic to the Western Sydney Wanderers in December of 2016, it’s fair to say that no chorus bellowed from behind the goals when his name was announced over the speakers at Allianz Stadium.

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Can St Kilda finally be more than just a finals contender?

Extinguishing the outside noise regarding St Kilda’s lacklustre 2017 campaign and mystery surrounding its 2018 potential will be St Kilda’s biggest mountain to climb this year.

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AFLX misses the mark

By Pat Hornidge, Today Video
AFLX misses the mark

The thing that stood out most about AFLX on Friday night was that everyone was having fun, however this was due mostly to the atmosphere rather than the games themselves.

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A look at the most dominant eras in VFL/AFL history

A fond memory as a young boy in the mid-1980s when staying over at my nanna and pop’s house was looking through the annual Miller’s Guide sporting publications that my pop had accumulated over the years.

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Preseason preview: Sea Eagles will fail to take flight

The Sea Eagles were one of the surprise packets of 2017. After a couple of seasons out of the finals, a rejuvenated line-up jagged sixth spot on the ladder.

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Breaking: Players unfairly forced to play the ball correctly in 2018

Stunning scenes at Rotorua on the weekend saw several first-grade rugby league players penalised for not playing the ball correctly.

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The players each team can least afford to lose in 2018

Heading into 2018, and on the dawn of a new season of footy, optimism abounds each of the eighteen teams.

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Comeback queen Petra Kvitova triumphs in Qatar

Not so long ago, Petra Kvitova’s career hung in the balance. Following a knife attack in her home, which damaged the tendons in her playing hand, many doubted she’d ever play at the highest level again.

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AFL top 100: Was Doug Wade better than Tom Hawkins?

Current Geelong spearhead Tom Hawkins has played the same number of games for the club (208) as former champion Doug Wade, but he has kicked 399 fewer goals.

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Why England can’t do without Eoin Morgan

Sunday’s New Zealand versus England match ended with a win by a small margin for England, but a superior run rate ensured New Zealand qualified for the tri-series final.

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A-League: The rivalries in Round 21

By That A-League Fan, Today
A-League: The rivalries in Round 21

Round 21 of the A-League is highlighted by a number of storied rivalries which have huge implications for the season proper.

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India-South Africa ODI series: A SWOT analysis

In tennis a bagel is a 6-0 score where a player wins a set without conceding a game.

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NBA All-Stars game 2018: Team LeBron vs Team Stephen live scores, blog

A new version of the NBA All-Stars game will pit Team LeBron against Team Stephen, with another exhibition of offensive basketball and high scoring expected to be on display in Los Angeles. Join The Roar for live scores and coverage from 12pm – midday (AEDT).

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The UFC needs to pay Cris Cyborg back after saving UFC 222

With her recent successful title defence against legitimate featherweight contender, Holly Holm, Cris Cyborg took a big step in building her featherweight division.

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Ben Simmons dribbles the ball

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David Gallop

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Melbourne Storm NRL Rugby League Grand Final 2017

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(AP Photo/Theron Kirkman)

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Melbourne Cup Day generic

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Matt Dufty Dragons fullback

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Nat Fyfe Fremantle Dockers AFL 2017

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2017 Melbourne Cup Generic

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