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Last week, I ticked off a major bucket item in my life: sitting courtside at a Los Angeles Lakers game.

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First off, I am assuming Ben Simmons easily wins the 2018 rookie of the year in the NBA.

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After much anticipation, it appears Dante Exum, the 2013 fifth overall pick from Australia, is set to finally return to the Utah Jazz this week.

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As Damian Lillard pushes hard off his right foot, springing and vaulting his body smoothly and powerfully to the left, he rises up, fading away.

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As the NBA regular season winds down, it’s time to assess how some teams paradoxically get worse to get better and why being a middle-of-the-road team in the NBA is the worst place to be.

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There is no better topic in basketball to discuss than the impending future of LeBron James. Where will he go next?

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When you’re the number two pick in the NBA draft, there is going to be a great deal of pressure on you. When the team that drafted you happens to be the Los Angeles Lakers and your father is LaVar Ball? Good luck.

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Lou Williams doesn’t shoot the ball as much as he artfully leans into it. Every shot is a measured push, with a finesse and delicateness that makes him alien to other, more angst-ridden pushers of the ball like Ricky Rubio.

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During the third quarter in Houston on February 24, Timberwolves guard Jimmy Butler suffered a meniscus injury in his right knee, which saw the 2018 All-Star carried off the court in his team’s 120-102 loss to the Rockets.

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Our house is an NBA house, and the NBA talk/argument/debate is always on. There is nothing we love more than seeing a ‘filthy’ stat line; someone that has absolutely dominated a game.

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With his disbelieving grin and the air of confidence that comes with having been all the way, Rick Carlisle still cuts an immense figure on the sideline, and one half-expects the camera to pan next to the fourth quarter of a Dallas playoff game.

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In NBA circles, it’s become trendy to pick anyone but the Golden State Warriors to win this year’s NBA Championship.

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A new version of the NBA All-Stars game will pit Team LeBron against Team Stephen, with another exhibition of offensive basketball and high scoring expected to be on display in Los Angeles.

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The Northwest division is the perfect encapsulation of today’s NBA: intriguing, entertaining as hell, and almost certainly meaningless in the ultimate scheme of things.

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The NBA All-Star game has been given a shake-up in 2018, but that won’t make it any less entertaining as Team LeBron goes up against Team Stephen team.

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Ben Simmons has set himself one goal for the NBA’s Rising Stars game and it is not to use it as a stage to confirm his place as favourite for this year’s Rookie of the Year Award.

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If the Bulls could accelerate as quickly as their most dynamic addition, the past would be quickly forgotten.

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One million dollars prizemoney? $USD35,000 guaranteed salary? Six months work per year? Where do I sign up for the NBA 2K League?

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For what seems like the dozenth time in the past few weeks (it’s actually the fifth) NBA Rookie of the Year favourite Ben Simmons has missed out on making the All-Star game.

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With their NBA title hopes fading fast, the Cleveland Cavaliers completely changed their look trading six players in a stunning sequence of deals on Thursday.

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