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English Premier League – Australian fixture & times

(Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

The English Premier League is one of the richest and most prestigious football leagues in the world. The full draw and fixtures for the 2020-21 season have been released.

After last season was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, not resuming until June, this runs from Sunday, September 13 (Australian time) – about a month later than normal. All dates have been confirmed, although kick-off times are still subject to change.

Liverpool are the reigning champions, after finishing 18 points clear atop the table. Fulham, Leeds United and West Bromwich Albion are the newly-promoted sides from the Championship, replacing the relegated AFC Bournemouth, Norwich City and Watford.

The EPL is the most-watched football league in the world, with powerhouse clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man United, and Tottenham doing battle, it’s football at its best.

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In Australia, all games are broadcast on Optus Sport.

All times AEST/AEDT (Sydney/Melbourne time)

Matchweek 1
Fixture Time
Saturday, September 12
Fulham vs Arsenal 9:30pm
Sunday, September 13
Crystal Palace vs Southampton 12am
Liverpool vs Leeds 2:30am
West Ham vs Newcastle 5am
West Brom vs Leicester 11pm
Monday, September 14
Tottenham vs Everton 1:30am
Tuesday, September 15
Sheffield Utd vs Wolves 3am
Brighton vs Chelsea 5:15am
Matchweek 2
Fixture Time
Saturday, September 19
Everton vs West Brom 9:30pm
Sunday, September 20
Leeds vs Fulham 12am
Manchester Utd vs Crystal Palace 2:30am
Arsenal vs West Ham 5am
Southampton vs Tottenham 9pm
Newcastle vs Brighton 11pm
Monday, September 21
Chelsea vs Liverpool 1:30am
Leicester vs Burnley 4am
Tuesday, September 22
Aston Villa vs Sheffield Utd 3am
Wolves vs Manchester City 5:15am
Matchweek 3
Fixture Time
Saturday, September 26
Brighton vs Manchester Utd 9:30pm
Sunday, September 27
Crystal Palace vs Everton 12am
West Brom vs Chelsea 2:30am
Burnley vs Southampton 5am
Sheffield Utd vs Leeds 9pm
Tottenham vs Newcastle 11pm
Monday, September 28
Manchester City vs Leicester 1:30am
West Ham vs Wolves 4am
Tuesday, September 29
Fulham vs Aston Villa 3am
Liverpool vs Arsenal 5:15am
Matchweek 4
Fixture Time
Saturday, October 3
Chelsea vs Crystal Palace 9:30pm
Sunday, October 4
Everton vs Brighton 12am
Leeds vs Manchester City 3:30am
Newcastle vs Burnley 6am
Leicester vs West Ham 10pm
Southampton vs West Brom 10pm
Monday, October 5
Arsenal vs Sheffield Utd 12am
Wolves vs Fulham 12am
Manchester Utd vs Tottenham 2:30am
Aston Villa vs Liverpool 5:15am
Matchweek 5
Fixture Time
Saturday, October 17
Everton vs Liverpool 10:30pm
Sunday, October 18
Chelsea vs Southampton 1am
Manchester City vs Arsenal 3:30am
Newcastle vs Manchester Utd 6am
Sheffield Utd vs Fulham 10pm
Monday, October 19
Crystal Palace vs Brighton 12am
Tottenham vs West Ham 2:30am
Leicester vs Aston Villa 5:15am
Tuesday, October 20
West Brom vs Burnley 3:30am
Leeds vs Wolves 6am
Matchweek 6
Fixture Time
Saturday, October 24
Aston Villa vs Leeds 6am
West Ham vs Manchester City 10:30pm
Sunday, October 25
Fulham vs Crystal Palace 1am
Manchester Utd vs Chelsea 3:30am
Liverpool vs Sheffield Utd 6am
Monday, October 26
Southampton vs Everton 1am
Wolves vs Newcastle 3:30am
Arsenal vs Leicester 6:15am
Tuesday, October 27
Brighton vs West Brom 4:30am
Burnley vs Tottenham 7am
Matchweek 7
Fixture Time
Saturday, October 31
Wolves vs Crystal Palace 7am
Sheffield Utd vs Manchester City 11:30pm
Sunday, November 1
Burnley vs Chelsea 2am
Liverpool vs West Ham 4:30am
Aston Villa vs Southampton 7am
Monday, November 2
Newcastle vs Everton 1am
Manchester Utd vs Arsenal 3:30am
Tottenham vs Brighton 6:15am
Tuesday, November 3
Fulham vs West Brom 4:30am
Leeds vs Leicester 7am
Matchweek 8
Fixture Time
Saturday, November 7
Brighton vs Burnley 4:30am
Southampton vs Newcastle 7am
Everton vs Manchester Utd 11:30pm
Sunday, November 8
Crystal Palace vs Leeds 2am
Chelsea vs Sheffield Utd 4:30am
West Ham vs Fulham 7am
West Brom vs Tottenham 11pm
Monday, November 9
Leicester vs Wolves 1am
Manchester City vs Liverpool 3:30am
Arsenal vs Aston Villa 6:15am
Matchweek 9
Fixture Time
Saturday, November 21
Newcastle vs Chelsea 11:30pm
Sunday, November 22
Aston Villa vs Brighton 2am
Tottenham vs Manchester City 4:30am
Manchester Utd vs West Brom 7am
Fulham vs Everton 11pm
Monday, November 23
Sheffield Utd vs West Ham 1am
Leeds vs Arsenal 3:30am
Liverpool vs Leicester 6:15am
Tuesday, November 24
Burnley vs Crystal Palace 4:30am
Wolves vs Southampton 7am
Matchweek 10
Fixture Time
Saturday, November 28
Crystal Palace vs Newcastle 7am
Brighton vs Liverpool 11:30pm
Sunday, November 29
Manchester City vs Burnley 2am
Everton vs Leeds 4:30am
West Brom vs Sheffield Utd 7am
Monday, November 30
Southampton vs Manchester Utd 1am
Chelsea vs Tottenham 3:30am
Arsenal vs Wolves 6:15am
Tuesday, December 1
Leicester vs Fulham 4:30am
West Ham vs Aston Villa 7am
Matchweek 11
Fixture Time
Saturday, December 5
Burnley vs Everton 11:30pm
Sunday, December 6
Manchester City vs Fulham 2am
West Ham vs Manchester Utd 4:30am
Chelsea vs Leeds 7am
West Brom vs Crystal Palace 11pm
Monday, December 7
Sheffield Utd vs Leicester 1:15am
Tottenham vs Arsenal 3:30am
Liverpool vs Wolves 6:15am
Tuesday, December 8
Brighton vs Southampton 7am
Matchweek 12
Fixture Time
Saturday, December 12
Leeds vs West Ham 7am
Wolves vs Aston Villa 11:30pm
Sunday, December 13
Newcastle vs West Brom 2am
Manchester Utd vs Manchester City 4:30am
Everton vs Chelsea 7am
Southampton vs Sheffield Utd 11pm
Monday, December 14
Crystal Palace vs Tottenham 1:15am
Fulham vs Liverpool 3:30am
Arsenal vs Burnley 6:15am
Leicester vs Brighton 6:15am
Matchweek 13
Fixture Time
Wednesday, December 16
Wolves vs Chelsea 5am
Manchester City vs West Brom 7am
Thursday, December 18
Arsenal vs Southampton 5am
Leeds vs Newcastle 5am
Leicester vs Everton 5am
Fulham vs Brighton 7am
Liverpool vs Tottenham 7am
West Ham vs Crystal Palace 7am
Friday, December 18
Aston Villa vs Burnley 5am
Sheffield Utd vs Manchester Utd 7am
Matchweek 14
Fixture Time
Saturday, December 19
Crystal Palace vs Liverpool 11:30pm
Sunday, December 20
Southampton vs Manchester City 2am
Everton vs Arsenal 4:30am
Newcastle vs Fulham 7am
Brighton vs Sheffield Utd 11pm
Monday, December 21
Tottenham vs Leicester 1:15am
Manchester Utd vs Leeds 3:30am
West Brom vs Aston Villa 6:15am
Tuesday, December 22
Burnley vs Wolves 4:30am
Chelsea vs West Ham 7am
Matchweek 15
Fixture Time
Saturday, December 26
Leicester vs Manchester Utd 11:30pm
Sunday, December 27
Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace 2am
Fulham vs Southampton 2am
Arsenal vs Chelsea 4:30am
Manchester City vs Newcastle 7am
Sheffield Utd vs Everton 7am
Leeds vs Burnley 11pm
Monday, December 28
West Ham vs Brighton 1:15am
Liverpool vs West Brom 3:30am
Wolves vs Tottenham 6:15am
Matchweek 16
Fixture Time
Tuesday, December 29
Crystal Palace vs Leicester 2am
Chelsea vs Aston Villa 4:30am
Wednesday, December 30
Brighton vs Arsenal 5am
Burnley vs Sheffield Utd 5am
Southampton vs West Ham 5am
West Brom vs Leeds 5am
Manchester Utd vs Wolves 7am
Thursday, December 31
Newcastle vs Liverpool 7am
Matchweek 17
Fixture Time
Saturday, January 2
Everton vs West Ham 4:30am
Manchester Utd vs Aston Villa 7am
Tottenham vs Leeds 11:30pm
Sunday, January 3
Crystal Palace vs Sheffield Utd 2am
Brighton vs Wolves 4:30am
West Brom vs Arsenal 7am
Monday, January 4
Newcastle vs Leicester 1:15am
Chelsea vs Manchester City 3:30am
Tuesday, January 5
Southampton vs Liverpool 7am
Matchweek 18
Fixture Time
Wednesday, January 13
Sheffield Utd vs Newcastle 5am
Burnley vs Manchester Utd 7:15am
Wolves vs Everton 7:15am
Thursday, January 14
Manchester City vs Brighton 5am
Tottenham vs Fulham 7:15am
Friday, January 15
Arsenal vs Crystal Palace 7am
Matchweek 19
Fixture Time
Saturday, January 16
Wolves vs West Brom 11:30pm
Sunday, January 17
Leeds vs Brighton 2am
West Ham vs Burnley 2am
Fulham vs Chelsea 4:30am
Leicester vs Southampton 7am
Monday, January 18
Sheffield Utd vs Tottenham 1am
Liverpool vs Manchester Utd 3:30am
Manchester City vs Crystal Palace 6:15am
Tuesday, January 19
Arsenal vs Newcastle 7am
Wednesday, January 20
West Ham vs West Brom 5am
Leicester vs Chelsea 7:15am
Thursday, January 21
Manchester City vs Aston Villa 5am
Fulham vs Manchester Utd 7:15am
Friday, January 22
Liverpool vs Burnley 7:15am
Sunday, January 24
Aston Villa vs Newcastle 7am
Matchweek 20
Fixture Time
Wednesday, January 27
Crystal Palace vs West Ham 5am
Newcastle vs Leeds 5am
Southampton vs Arsenal 7:15am
West Brom vs Manchester City 7:15am
Thursday, January 28
Burnley vs Aston Villa 5am
Chelsea vs Wolves 5am
Brighton vs Fulham 6:30am
Everton vs Leicester 7:15am
Manchester Utd vs Sheffield Utd 7:15am
Friday, January 29
Tottenham vs Liverpool 7am
Matchweek 21
Fixture Time
Saturday, January 30
Everton vs Newcastle 11:30pm
Sunday, January 31
Crystal Palace vs Wolves 2am
Manchester City vs Sheffield Utd 2am
West Brom vs Fulham 2am
Arsenal vs Manchester Utd 4:30am
Southampton vs Aston Villa 7am
Chelsea vs Burnley 11pm
Monday, February 1
Leicester vs Leeds 1am
West Ham vs Liverpool 3:30am
Brighton vs Tottenham 6:15am
Matchweek 22
Fixture Time
Wednesday, February 3
Sheffield Utd vs West Brom 5am
Wolves vs Arsenal 5am
Manchester Utd vs Southampton 7:15am
Newcastle vs Crystal Palace 7:15am
Thursday, February 4
Burnley vs Manchester City 5am
Fulham vs Leicester 5am
Leeds vs Everton 6:30am
Aston Villa vs West Ham 7:15am
Liverpool vs Brighton 7:15am
Friday, February 5
Tottenham vs Chelsea 7am
Matchweek 23
Fixture Time
Saturday, February 6
Aston Villa vs Arsenal 11:30pm
Sunday, February 7
Burnley vs Brighton 2am
Newcastle vs Southampton 2am
Fulham vs West Ham 4:30am
Manchester Utd vs Everton 7am
Tottenham vs West Brom 11pm
Monday, February 8
Wolves vs Leicester 1am
Liverpool vs Manchester City 3:30am
Sheffield Utd vs Chelsea 6:15am
Tuesday, February 9
Leeds vs Crystal Palace 7am
Matchweek 24
Fixture Time
Saturday, February 13
Leicester vs Liverpool 11:30pm
Sunday, February 14
Crystal Palace vs Burnley 2am
Manchester City vs Tottenham 4:30am
Brighton vs Aston Villa 7am
Southampton vs Wolves 11pm
Monday, February 15
West Brom vs Manchester Utd 1am
Arsenal vs Leeds 3:30am
Everton vs Fulham 6am
Tuesday, February 16
West Ham vs Sheffield Utd 5am
Chelsea vs Newcastle 7am
Thursday, February 18
Burnley vs Fulham 5am
Everton vs Manchester City 7:15am
Matchweek 25
Fixture Time
Saturday, February 20
Wolves vs Leeds 7am
Southampton vs Chelsea 11:30pm
Sunday, February 21
Burnley vs West Brom 2am
Liverpool vs Everton 4:30am
Fulham vs Sheffield Utd 7am
West Ham vs Tottenham 11pm
Monday, February 22
Aston Villa vs Leicester 1am
Arsenal vs Manchester City 3:30am
Manchester Utd vs Newcastle 6am
Tuesday, February 23
Brighton vs Crystal Palace 7am
Wednesday, February 24
Leeds vs Southampton 5am
Matchweek 26
Fixture Time
Saturday, February 27
Manchester City vs West Ham 11:30pm
Sunday, February 28
West Brom vs Brighton 2am
Leeds vs Aston Villa 4:30am
Newcastle vs Wolves 7am
Crystal Palace vs Fulham 11pm
Leicester vs Arsenal 11pm
Monday, March 1
Tottenham vs Burnley 1am
Chelsea vs Manchester Utd 3:30am
Sheffield Utd vs Liverpool 6:15am
Tuesday, March 2
Everton vs Southampton 7am
Wednesday, March 3
Manchester City vs Wolves 7am
Thursday, March 4
Burnley vs Leicester 5am
Sheffield Utd vs Aston Villa 5am
Crystal Palace vs Manchester Utd 7:15am
Friday, March 5
Fulham vs Tottenham 5am
West Brom vs Everton 5am
Liverpool vs Chelsea 7:15am
Matchweek 27
Fixture Time
Saturday, March 6
Burnley vs Arsenal 11:30pm
Sunday, March 7
Sheffield Utd vs Southampton 2am
Aston Villa vs Wolves 4:30am
Brighton vs Leicester 7am
West Brom vs Newcastle 11pm
Monday, March 8
Liverpool vs Fulham 1am
Manchester City vs Manchester Utd 3:30am
Tottenham vs Crystal Palace 6:15am
Tuesday, March 9
Chelsea vs Everton 5am
West Ham vs Leeds 7am
Thursday, March 11
Manchester City vs Southampton 5am
Matchweek 28
Fixture Time
Saturday, March 13
Newcastle vs Aston Villa 7am
Leeds vs Chelsea 11:30pm
Sunday, March 14
Crystal Palace vs West Brom 2am
Everton vs Burnley 4:30am
Fulham vs Manchester City 7am
Southampton vs Brighton 11pm
Monday, March 15
Leicester vs Sheffield Utd 1am
Arsenal vs Tottenham 3:30am
Manchester Utd vs West Ham 6:15am
Tuesday, March 16
Wolves vs Liverpool 7am
Matchweek 29
Fixture Time
Saturday, March 20
Fulham vs Leeds 7am
Sunday, March 21
Brighton vs Newcastle 7am
Monday, March 22
West Ham vs Arsenal 2am
Aston Villa vs Tottenham 6:30am
Matchweek 30
Fixture Time
Saturday, April 3
Chelsea vs West Brom 11:30pm
Sunday, April 4
Leeds vs Sheffield Utd 1am
Leicester vs Manchester City 2:30am
Arsenal vs Liverpool 5am
Southampton vs Burnley 9pm
Newcastle vs Tottenham 11:05pm
Monday, April 5
Aston Villa vs Fulham 1:30am
Manchester Utd vs Brighton 4:30am
Tuesday, April 6
Everton vs Crystal Palace 3am
Wolves vs West Ham 5:15am
Matchweek 31
Fixture Time
Saturday, April 10
Fulham vs Wolves 5am
Manchester City vs Leeds 9:30pm
Sunday, April 11
Liverpool vs Aston Villa 12am
Crystal Palace vs Chelsea 2:30am
Burnley vs Newcastle 9pm
West Ham vs Leicester 11:05pm
Monday, April 12
Tottenham vs Manchester Utd 1:30am
Sheffield Utd vs Arsenal 4am
Tuesday, April 13
West Brom vs Southampton 3am
Brighton vs Everton 5:15am
Matchweek 32
Fixture Time
Saturday, April 17
Everton vs Tottenham 5am
Newcastle vs West Ham 9:30pm
Sunday, April 18
Wolves vs Sheffield Utd 12am
Arsenal vs Fulham 10:30pm
Monday, April 19
Manchester Utd vs Burnley 1am
Tuesday, April 20
Leeds vs Liverpool 5am
Wednesday, April 21
Chelsea vs Brighton 5am
Thursday, April 22
Tottenham vs Southampton 3am
Aston Villa vs Manchester City 5:15
Friday, April 23
Leicester vs West Brom 5am
Matchweek 33
Fixture Time
Saturday, April 24
Arsenal vs Everton 5am
Liverpool vs Newcastle 9:30pm
Sunday, April 25
West Ham vs Chelsea 2:30am
Sheffield Utd vs Brighton 5am
Wolves vs Burnley 9pm
Leeds vs Manchester Utd 11pm
Monday, April 26
Aston Villa vs West Brom 4am
Tuesday, April 27
Leicester vs Crystal Palace 5am
Matchweek 34
Fixture Time
Sunday, May 2
Brighton vs Leeds 12am
Burnley vs West Ham 12am
Chelsea vs Fulham 12am
Crystal Palace vs Manchester City 12am
Everton vs Aston Villa 12am
Manchester Utd vs Liverpool 12am
Newcastle vs Arsenal 12am
Southampton vs Leicester 12am
Tottenham vs Sheffield Utd 12am
West Brom vs Wolves 12am
Matchweek 35
Fixture Time
Sunday, May 9
Arsenal vs West Brom 12am
Aston Villa vs Manchester Utd 12am
Fulham vs Burnley 12am
Leeds vs Tottenham 12am
Leicester vs Newcastle 12am
Liverpool vs Southampton 12am
Manchester City vs Chelsea 12am
Sheffield Utd vs Crystal Palace 12am
West Ham vs Everton 12am
Wolves vs Brighton 12am
Matchweek 36
Fixture Time
Wednesday, May 12
Brighton vs West Ham 4:45am
Burnley vs Leeds 4:45am
Everton vs Sheffield Utd 4:45am
Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa 5am
Manchester Utd vs Leicester 5am
West Brom vs Liverpool 5am
Thursday, May 13
Chelsea vs Arsenal 4:45am
Newcastle vs Manchester City 4:45am
Southampton vs Fulham 4:45am
Tottenham vs Wolves 4:45am
Matchweek 37
Fixture Time
Sunday, May 16
Brighton vs Manchester City 12am
Burnley vs Liverpool 12am
Chelsea vs Leicester 12am
Crystal Palace vs Arsenal 12am
Everton vs Wolves 12am
Manchester Utd vs Fulham 12am
Newcastle vs Sheffield Utd 12am
Southampton vs Leeds 12am
Tottenham vs Aston Villa 12am
West Brom vs West Ham 12am
Matchweek 38
Fixture Time
Monday, May 24
Arsenal vs Brighton 1am
Aston Villa vs Chelsea 1am
Fulham vs Newcastle 1am
Leeds vs West Brom 1am
Leicester vs Tottenham 1am
Liverpool vs Crystal Palace 1am
Manchester City vs Everton 1am
Sheffield Utd vs Burnley 1am
West Ham vs Southampton 1am
Wolves vs Manchester Utd 1am

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