Pakistan and India have been urged to resume tours to each other by an International Cricket Council task team, which also recommended the Pakistan Cricket Board chairman lose his right to veto team selection.

The neighbours have not played in a bilateral series since Pakistan toured India in 2007.

Political relations became strained after the terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008 and India postponed their return tour to Pakistan.

The ICC’s Pakistan task team (PTT) implored the Pakistan and India governments to seek swift resolution to enable “this great iconic series to resume.”

“The absence of the traditional bilateral series between Pakistan and India from the international cricket calendar is denying millions of cricket loving fans across the world from enjoying an iconic series,” the PTT report says.

“It is also hurting the sport, particularly in Pakistan and the PTT sees no reason why this great sporting rivalry should not be restored as soon as possible, even if on neutral soil.”

Pakistan is scheduled to tour India next year, and in the Future Tour Program for 2012-20 the ICC has scheduled at least three series between the teams.

The PTT, chaired by England’s Giles Clarke, was formed in 2009 to ensure Pakistan retained and developed international cricket after the deadly attack on the Sri Lanka team bus in Lahore that ended all major visits, and prevented Pakistan from co-hosting this year’s World Cup.

Since then, Pakistan has hosted five “home” series in the United Arab Emirates and England.

The report also regarded the appointment of the PCB chairman by the country’s president as highly unusual, and wants an end to the government’s undue interference in the PCB.

The task team observed Pakistan has had at least five different sets of selectors over the past five years, with the chairman of the board appointing the captain.

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