Rothfield and Gould, give it a rest

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Phil Rothfield writes an article that makes Phil Gould look like a buffoon, Phil Gould scolds the Daily Telegraph and the NRL for writing it or being complicit in its construction, and Phil Rothfield returns fire through his newspaper.

It’s a cyclical war of words in the Sydney NRL scene and I’m sick of it.

This issue has come to head after the Daily Telegraph this week showed Phil Gould’s notepad which had just a message for the Penrith chairman and a small drawing on it.

Gould was furious and has claimed that either the NRL or club chairman’s had leaked the information to the Tele.

This article claimed really that Gould wasn’t paying attention and accused him of essentially being a coward for airing his well-known views about how to fend off the AFL.

What the article didn’t tell you was the fact he was there before any other delegates and the Chairman of Penrith was taking notes while Gould went to Newcastle for a meeting.

News Limited and Phil Gould have had a testy relationship since the days of the Super League war (News of course built the league and supported it while Gould remained a loyal follower of the ARL).

While both sides are behaving like pork chops, it always seems that the stories about Gould are just gutter tactics.

For example, a story a few weeks ago questioned Gould’s record as a director of coaching by using circumstantial evidence and innuendo. Thank goodness for Dean “Bulldog” Ritchie for the next day tearing this article to pieces.

It’s absurd that this petty feud from 15 years ago is still getting column inches. Ironically it seems despite the fact they don’t like each other, both Phil Gould and Phil Rothfield have each other’s mobile phone numbers and stay in contact.

Give it a rest guys, and instead of fighting between yourselves fight the avalanche that is the AFL, because take it from me (as an Adelaide resident), we are coming for you and we are going to exploit any divisions.

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