Dear Nathan Sharpe: the Lions are coming

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Former Wallabies captain Nathan Sharpe (Image: AAP)

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Good authority says that, occasionally, various Wallabies read articles posted on The Roar. Here’s hoping Nathan Sharpe is one of them.

Dear Nathan Sharpe,

The British and Irish Lions are coming to Australia in 2013.

I, and many other Wallaby supporters, am of the opinion that Australia stands a better chance of winning the series if you continue your international career until the end of the Lions tour.

It was widely reported that you were going to retire after the 2011 World Cup. Fortunately for Australia and the Wallabies you continued to play and became only the second person in Wallaby history to win the John Eales medal for a second time.

I am of the opinion you are good enough to win a third John Eales medal before you retire.

Furthermore, your leadership has been invaluable to the Wallabies this year. Your captaincy has been fantastic during times Horwill, Pocock, and Genia were (and still are) injured.

I regard your captaincy as the best Australia has had since George Gregan retired.

In the estimation of many, it’s preferable to have yourself, James Horwill, and Kane Douglas available for the Lions series.

You are playing fantastic rugby during the twilight of your career, and the Wallabies will suffer when you retire.

Please give consideration to extending your international career, so that you may play against the British and Irish Lions.

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