NRL fans must embrace membership culture

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    It may be the NRL off-season but it’s the perfect time to go and get a membership to support your team.

    For a long time memberships seemed foreign to us league supporters, as the general opinion a while ago was sitting on the couch is enough ‘support’ for your team. But that is not the case at all.

    Rather, that attitude is just laziness and as result empty seats seem to be a common occurrence of the ‘TV sport’ mindset that has plagued my fellow rugby league fans.

    The only true way to support your team is through a membership, whether it’s a non-ticketed or seasoned membership. At least your showing your support that way.

    When you consider the history of rugby league in Australia, in particular in Sydney, the membership numbers and attendance should be way higher.

    But laziness of the league administration and the supporters contribute to the slow uptake of the development of a membership and attendance culture.

    The correlation of membership and attendance shows that more members means higher attendance. The AFL over the past decades has proven that and the same should happen to the NRL.

    It will never reach the level of AFL but over time it will get better and soon everyone from club to fans will benefit from it.

    I’ve been a North Queensland Cowboys member for two years and soon to be three in 2013.

    Being a member is where the true supporters are as they are the most committed about the great game of rugby league.