Sydney Swans vs Carlton – Semi-Final 2: AFL live scores, blog

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    Live Scores

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    Sydney vs. Carlton

    ANZ Stadium
    2013 AFL Premiership September 15, 2013
    Sydney won by 24 points
    Sydney Carlton
     Goal Behinds Points Goal Behinds Points
    Q13321   2315
    Q28654   4832
    Q313886   4832
    Q413886   81462

    Few would have predicted that the Sydney Swans would be playing Carlton in the second week of the 2013 AFL finals, yet here they are in what shapes as a thrilling finals encounter that could fall either way. Join us for live scores and commentary from 7.45pm AEST.

    Carlton only came into the finals this year courtesy of sanctions imposed against Essendon, but quickly proved their legitimacy with a 20-point win over Richmond at the MCG.

    The Blues came from a long way behind in the second half to close out with a victory, and will no doubt have gained plenty of confidence from that result that they’ll take with them in their trip up to Sydney.

    The Swans were comprehensively beaten by Hawthorn in their final, but showed some promising signs throughout the first half.

    John Longmire will be looking to see a similar start from his side here, but will know that the Swans can ill-afford to struggle out of half-time like they did last week — especially not against a Carlton side oozing with confidence and ready to snaffle up any chance that may arise.

    The potential inclusion of inspirational leader Adam Goodes has the potential to be a huge boost for the home team, though they still bring a long injury list into the match.

    The likes of Jarryd McVeigh and Lewis Roberts-Thompson are expected to undergo late fitness tests for their potential inclusion into the squad.

    Playing away from the Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney won’t be as comfortable playing at ANZ (losing both home games there this season) but they’ll certainly be more at home than the Blues.

    Carlton have won just once in their last 12 trips to Sydney against the Swans, which also included a finals fixture at ANZ in 2010 —which the Swans won by five points in a thriller.

    This one stands as being another close-fought affair, with the Swans desperate to prove their legitimacy as a finals contender.

    Only one team in the past decade has made it into the semifinals after starting in the bottom half of the eight—a fact that doesn’t appear to give Carlton that much hope heading into this one.

    But, as they say, statistics are made to broken and this could be further proof of that.

    Either way, it stands as being another memorable finals fixture filled with can’t-miss footy. Make sure you join us live from 7.45pm AEST for full coverage and analysis.

    Live Score Updates

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    Quarter 1
    1' GOAL - Eddie Betts (Carlton)
    3' GOAL - Kieren Jack (Sydney)
    5' BEHIND - Kurt Tippett (Sydney)
    7' GOAL - Luke Parker (Sydney)
    11' BEHIND - Zach Tuohy (Carlton)
    13' BEHIND - Luke Parker (Sydney)
    15' BEHIND - Luke Parker (Sydney)
    19' BEHIND - Jarrad Waite (Carlton)
    21' GOAL - Jarrad Waite (Carlton)
    24' BEHIND - Christopher Yarran (Carlton)
    27' GOAL - Jude Bolton (Sydney)
    Quarter 2
    2' GOAL - Josh P. Kennedy (Sydney)
    4' BEHIND - Rushed (Carlton)
    6' BEHIND - Rushed (Carlton)
    7' BEHIND - Ryan O'Keefe (Sydney)
    8' BEHIND - Jefferey Garlett (Carlton)
    10' GOAL - Ryan O'Keefe (Sydney)
    11' GOAL - Jarrad McVeigh (Sydney)
    13' BEHIND - Mitch Robinson (Carlton)
    14' GOAL - Dennis Armfield (Carlton)
    15' GOAL - Lewis Jetta (Sydney)
    19' BEHIND - Chris Judd (Carlton)
    20' GOAL - Harry Cunningham (Sydney)
    22' GOAL - Bryce Gibbs (Carlton)
    27' BEHIND - Rushed (Sydney)
    30' BEHIND - Rushed (Sydney)
    Quarter 3
    5' BEHIND - Harry Cunningham (Sydney)
    11' GOAL - Luke Parker (Sydney)
    14' GOAL - Luke Parker (Sydney)
    15' GOAL - Kieren Jack (Sydney)
    20' BEHIND - Jude Bolton (Sydney)
    22' GOAL - Jarrad McVeigh (Sydney)
    24' GOAL - Harry Cunningham (Sydney)
    Quarter 4
    2' GOAL - Mitch Robinson (Carlton)
    5' GOAL - Eddie Betts (Carlton)
    7' BEHIND - Christopher Yarran (Carlton)
    8' BEHIND - Dennis Armfield (Carlton)
    9' GOAL - Jarrad Waite (Carlton)
    11' BEHIND - Jarrad Waite (Carlton)
    19' BEHIND - Rushed (Carlton)
    24' GOAL - Jarrad Waite (Carlton)
    25' BEHIND - Marc Murphy (Carlton)
    27' BEHIND - Marc Murphy (Carlton)

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