David Warner considers a trial in Major League Baseball

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    David Warner celebrates a century. (AFP PHOTO / Patrick Hamilton)

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    The best batters in America can earn huge amount of money, near US$20 million a season, in Major League Baseball, so headlines suggesting David Warner is thinking of trying his hand at America’s pastime should not be dismissed out of hand.

    Tony Connelly, the manager of David Warner, has already told the Daily Telegraph they are considering all possible options.

    The recent performance of Warner in the Ashes Test series against England has boosted the possibilities of this blasting opener to join one of the many baseball clubs in the United States.

    Currently, Warner is enjoying an incredible batting average of around 90 in the Test series.

    Connelly has already spoken with Warner about the matter and both of them seem to be interested about this innovative co-ordination of two sports.

    Though the movement of a ball on a grassy pitch widely varies with the full toss, swinging deliveries of baseball, the Australian opener is ready to give it a try.

    Warner, who loves to take on challenges, has personally shown his interest in baseball and is quite ready for a trial.

    However, both Connelly and Warner want to focus all their attention to the ongoing Test series against England, which is more important than any other thing at present as reported.

    Once it is over, the talk about setting up a trial in the United States will start.

    Many teams are ready to offer a batting cage to Warner just in order to look at how things go.

    With the blazing form which David Warner is demonstrating in the ongoing series, it is easy for him to become a baseball player, with an estimated cost of around US$5 million per year. However, this price is nothing to what he can earn as an established baseball player.

    A recent report stated the officials of MLB approached Warner to play as a member of the All-Star team when the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers play a baseball match at the Sydney Cricket Ground in March, 2014.

    However, according to the pre-assigned tour of Australian cricket team, Warner will be in South Africa and then in Bangladesh when the game of baseball will be in Sydney.

    However, the entire decision is up to the explosive batsman himself. As said earlier, according to the reports, he has already expressed his interest in baseball, and once the hectic cricket season comes to an end, several baseball playing teams in the United States are ready to start the talk with him.

    Until then, all we can do is to wait for a perfect combination of cricket and baseball to click in the hands of David Warner.

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