NSW just don’t get State of Origin

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    As the players shook hands and the presentations were made after State of Origin Game 3 on Wednesday night, you could be forgiven for thinking NSW had not just plucked defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Although clearly not happy, the Blues players and staff were in a somewhat positive mood, as if their hearts hadn’t just been ripped from their chests.

    Do NSW even get Origin?

    Origin began in 1980 when, at long last, Queensland were able to use players who had gone to play club football south of the Tweed for bigger pay days.

    These were different times – gambling was not legal in Queensland and as such, leagues clubs in NSW (where gambling was legalised) could generate significantly more cash flow, and thus attract the best players around the country.

    As such, some of Queensland’s finest players – including Arthur Beetson, Rod Reddy and Kerry Boustead – wore blue and played against their beloved home state. It’s something current NSW fans seem to forget when they accuse Queensland of ‘poaching their own’.

    This is where the true concept of State of Origin and a hate for NSW by Queensland fans was born. NSW had ruled the interstate series year after year and were using Queensland’s own players to do it. Queensland had had enough and by the time the first State of Origin game in 1980 was played, Maroon fans were ready for revenge.

    Even after 11 series wins in the last 12 years, Queensland fans remember what it was like to be demolished every single year for decades. Now the tides have turned!

    With this in mind, Andrew Johns’ comments on Channel Nine’s post-match show become even more important, saying, “I still don’t think NSW get it.”

    If history is anything to go by, he’s spot on! NSW simply do not have the burning desire to see their state triumph over the other at any cost. Chances are they probably won’t get it for another decade.

    Cameron Smith, Cooper Cronk, Billy Slater and Johnathan Thurston are some of the greatest footballers to every play the game. But the bigger factor is that these men have been raised in a culture of passion and will. A burning desire to see Queensland triumph over NSW at all cost!

    Chances are guys like Smith and Cronk grew up listening to stories from their family about how the Blues used to humiliate the Maroons year after year – with Queensland’s own players!

    Do NSW get Origin? At this point in time, it’s difficult to say they do. Queensland get it, but only because they were subject to some of the most humiliating beatdowns in sporting history.

    Chances are that in ten years’ time, NSW will produce players who may have only seen their state win the 2014 series. At that point, NSW will finally understand State of Origin.

    It’s a genuine burning passion to see your state drive the opposition into the ground. It’s about doing whatever it takes to make sure you win, because losing is not an option!

    That is what State of Origin is all about. At the moment, NSW just don’t get it.

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