Why don’t Liverpool ever win the Premier League?

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    In the Premier League era, there have been six winners, none of them having been Liverpool. So why is that the case?

    If you told someone in 1990, when Liverpool won their last domestic title, that Leicester and Blackburn would have won more titles than them, and Manchester United would win 13 to your zeor over the next 27 years, they wouldn’t have believed you. These now simply serve as facts.

    Why can’t Liverpool get the monkey off their back?

    Let’s look at what is now the infamous 2013-14 season, which was the Reds’ best season to date.

    Liverpool didn’t do too much wrong. Their 101 goals in a season was only two goals off the record of 103 that Chelsea set in 2009-10. From February to April, the Reds recorded 11 straight wins. Although their defence wasn’t as tight as it could have been, their attack was brilliant with Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge regularly finding the back of the net.

    All seemed to be going to script until ‘the slip’. Everyone in football knows about ‘the slip’ – if you are a Red, it equates to pain, if you aren’t a Red, it equates to humour.

    However, given the status Steven Gerrard holds in the sport, a bit of empathy can still be found for such a great player, though that empathy for a non-Liverpool supporter is generally short lived. In some cases, it doesn’t exist at all.

    Besides 2013-14, not too much else on the domestic front has been a cause of joy for Liverpool supporters around the world.

    Manchester United and Chelsea have both made winning part of their culture. United’s recent dry run is unlikely to be tolerated. They will have seen what has happened down the highway at Liverpool, and not want to replicate that. Chelsea’s style of ‘win or we will sack you’ has seen a big turnover in managers, but also fed their success.

    Why can’t Liverpool win?

    It’s not from a lack of trying. They have been persistent with managers, refusing to sack them before a fair go.

    When it didn’t work, they didn’t sit on their hands. Roy Hodgson only lasted six months and ending that early was the right move. Kenny Dalglish is a club legend but his stint at the start of this decade was the length it should have been. You could argue they have managed their managers well.

    So this is why… It’s the players.

    Liverpool have never really bought well enough. When United built a team around Roy Keane, Gary Neville, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs, they would complement it with more quality. Liverpool built a team around Gerrard and surrounded him with players that were good, not great.

    How many great players do Liverpool currently have on their books? Philippe Coutinho perhaps? Anyone else?

    There are no Ian Rushs or Kenny Dalglishs running out in red. It’s time to find a few, or produce them.

    When will Liverpool win their next domestic title? The question has been asked for 27 years. Millions of fans around the world will be hoping it doesn’t go on for a 28th.