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The burden of being an armchair critic

The burden of being an armchair critic

3 days ago

At the end of the rugby season I find myself mentally fatigued and have come to realise the long season does have a timely break. Ten months of analysis, debate, commentary and emotional highs and lows take a serious toll not only on the mind, but indeed the body as well. I could easily end […]

South Africa’s midfield conundrum

South Africa's midfield conundrum

6 Dec 2014

In 2012 Heyneke Meyer appointed Jean de Villiers as his captain, soon after he committed that Jean de Villiers will lead South Africa in the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Nothing wrong with that thinking, and initially it looked like a safe choice. In 2013 Jean de Villiers was back to his best and he looked […]

South Africa must embrace their physicality

South Africa must embrace their physicality

2 Dec 2014

There isn’t anything fancy about South African rugby. There is no nous, no side stepping, no deft little touches nor anything that suggests they are going to outwit their opponent. You can’t sugarcoat a grapefruit and sell it off as an orange, it still remains bitter. The longer the taste lingers on your tongue, the […]

RWC 2015: Discipline, the boot and the breakdown

RWC 2015: Discipline, the boot and the breakdown

28 Nov 2014

Most of us expected the end of year tours to provide some indicator as to how the Rugby World Cup in 2015 will play out. It was a question of how the Rugby Championship teams performed in the wetter, slower underfoot conditions and which tactics they would find successful. It is true everyone would take […]

Heyneke Meyer needs to smarten up

Heyneke Meyer needs to smarten up

24 Nov 2014

At the risk of becoming as predictable as Springbok rugby I am going to have a last shot at discussing their inability to adapt. Even though this subject may have been ridden into the ground, the fact is that South African rugby still relies on physicality to win games. The sad reality is that teams […]

De Villiers must go after Ireland embarrass Springboks

10 Nov 2014

It is important not to overreact when your team loses, but rather take a breather, think about the match, and then once calm has beset your person, watch the match again. I usually get a feeling of how the match is going to go very early on, you look at the opposition, you look at […]

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