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Rugby Championship review: ‘Ball in hand’ vs ‘wait and see’

Rugby Championship review: 'Ball in hand' vs 'wait and see'

21 hours ago

We will often look at statistics to guide us towards an explanation for an outcome of a study. The issue with statistics though, is that they can be manipulated. We can be influenced by perception and therefore statistics can cloud our judgement. Statistics do not accommodate context. When we look at the statistics of the […]

Heyneke Meyer’s mission: Build a fifteen-man Springboks side

Heyneke Meyer's mission: Build a fifteen-man Springboks side

15 Oct 2014

How often do we hear it said that the Wallabies have the backs, the Springboks have the forwards and the All Blacks have both? It is a common theme that runs whenever we discuss the abilities of each of these teams. However, when you really think about it, the debate should rather be focused around […]

Spring tour of utmost importance for Rugby Championship teams

Spring tour of utmost importance for Rugby Championship teams

14 Oct 2014

What next for international rugby? There is the final matter of a dead rubber this coming weekend between Australia and New Zealand to be completed. Then off to Europe in a few weeks for the Rugby Championship teams to have a last go in European conditions before the Rugby World Cup in 2015. South Africa […]

Wallaby forwards lack consistency

Wallaby forwards lack consistency

9 Oct 2014

The last round of the Rugby Championship is done and dusted, New Zealand has once again taken the trophy home and South Africa, Australia and Argentina will again wonder what they have to do in order the wrest away the trophy from an ever impressive New Zealand team. For each of these three teams there […]

Heyneke Meyer must stick with his young guns

Heyneke Meyer must stick with his young guns

7 Oct 2014

Even though we may not wish injury upon players, it can be a blessing in disguise. Often coaches have favourites and they stubbornly hold onto a belief that no other player is equal to their incumbents. These favourites can often dictate the manner in which a coach sees the game plan, and that in turn […]

Springboks successfully swimming with sharks

Springboks successfully swimming with sharks

29 Sep 2014

Swimming with sharks is a dangerous pastime, yet it can be done. The most important requirement to swim with sharks is experience. Doing it regularly sees your senses heightened, your awareness elevated, and you learn to read the behaviour of these ocean predators. Similarly for Heyneke Meyer’s charges, if they are going to play with […]

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