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Infamous XI of the 2014 World Cup

15 Jul 2014

The World Cup is over and people will generally create their own team of the tournament and debate which players performed the best in the World Cup. However, following up on my Infamous XI of 2010, I will also select XI players who were remembered for the wrong reasons at this World Cup in 2014. […]

Anyone but England? For me it’s anyone but Uruguay

Anyone but England? For me it's anyone but Uruguay

29 Jun 2014

Every World Cup we have the Australian media and fans smirking and mocking whenever England get knocked out. This World Cup was no exception, with England going home without a win and a solitary point. I can’t help feel a little bit disappointed about this reaction when England are in the same group as Uruguay […]

The psychology of the code wars and why they can never be won

8 Dec 2013

Once in a while a code war article pops up and they are generally the most commented article of the day. It is obvious why the code war exists for the CEOs of sporting organisations as there are limited resources and the different sports are competing with each other for the share of the market. […]

Should the DRS system use sound to dismiss batsman?

Should the DRS system use sound to dismiss batsman?

6 Aug 2013

This has been a controversial issue throughout the Ashes. There is a caught behind decision that is referred to the DRS system. Hotspot shows nothing, but there is audio and the batsman are given out. Every time this has occurred there has been controversy with many people arguing that if hotspot shows nothing then the […]

Will Frank Lowy give Guus Hiddink a phone call?

Will Frank Lowy give Guus Hiddink a phone call?

28 Mar 2013

Ever since the AFC Asian Cup 2011, Australia has been playing poor football. Apart from a few good performances, such as victories over Germany and South Korea in a friendly, a battling one-all draw with Japan and our dominant victory against Saudi Arabia, Australia has played poorly and have been unable to develop any attacking […]

A-League finals system something to be proud of

A-League finals system something to be proud of

12 Mar 2013

My article from last week, about replacing the World Cup with a World League, was mostly met with incredulous reaction and rightly so. This is tampering with something that was financially successful as well as removing a competition with a rich history and diminishing the drama that a cup competition would entail. I will admit […]

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