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Freelance sports writer, mainly cycling and tennis. Sometimes other sports, AFL, Swimming and Olympics.

Master of Journalism/Comms student.

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Stuart O’Grady, cycling and punishment

Stuart O'Grady, cycling and punishment

16 Jun 2015

Sunday night’s edition of The Bike Lane on SBS served as a reminder of the complexities that are inherent in debating just what we should do with those who do not conform to society’s rules.

Federer doesn’t need to “Harden up” but fans need to behave

Federer doesn’t need to "Harden up" but fans need to behave

26 May 2015

We could drive ourselves mad trying to answer the great philosophical question of what came first, professional athletes or the fans whose fandom essentially pays their enormous salaries.

Michael Phelps and the scandal that wasn’t

Michael Phelps and the scandal that wasn’t

22 Nov 2014

When news.com.au decided to publish an inaccurate and potentially dangerous piece of clickbait yesterday, suggesting that US Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has had some sort of sordid affair, I saw social media respond overwhelmingly with the sort of intelligence and maturity lacking among the editors who published the article.

Specialized Securitor show precious mettle in the Tour of the Goldfields

21 Oct 2014

Cycling is a sport where the highs of a stage win one day can come crashing down in a pile of twisted bodies and machinery the next – as highlighted by Specialized Securitor at the last women’s National Road Series (NRS) event in Ballarat over the weekend.

Phelps may be the world’s best swimmer but no man is an island

Phelps may be the world's best swimmer but no man is an island

2 Oct 2014

This week Michael Phelps was arrested, allegedly clocked doing 85 miles per hour in a 40 zone while twice the legal blood alcohol limit.

Chapeau, Cadel

Chapeau, Cadel

29 Sep 2014

The news on Friday that Cadel Evans was officially retiring from cycling after the Australian cycling season was not completely unexpected.

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