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Lee is a professional cyclist with the UCI Continental CCN Cycling Team.

Lee is quite possibly the world's oldest neo-pro ever - receiving a contract to ride for a UCI Continental team three years ago at 37 and has since raced around the world, from East Java to Korea, Oman to Qatar. Lee has even managed to get on a startline or three in the heartland of the sport - Belgium, where he was comprehensively and properly spanked.

Lee loves the millions of lycra-clad folk around the world who head out each weekend to suffer and dream, to emulate their heroes on their local hills and descents, to become noble, dammit, even if only in their own minds. They are the true guardians of the sport.

Communicating with them is what makes it all so worthwhile.

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The French fix le Tour, but it there’s nothing anti-Froome about it

The French fix le Tour, but it there's nothing anti-Froome about it

21 hours ago

Chris Froome has folded. He took one look at the turn of the cards from the house and he figured he just couldn’t beat the odds. He’s out, off to Italy instead to take his chances there. Are the French bothered? Non. Froome might well be disappointed. He was interviewed just last month and very […]

Astana: Three strikes and you’re out

Astana: Three strikes and you're out

24 Oct 2014

There’s something we can learn from baseball, and I don’t mean in finding new tricks for hiding needle marks. No, how about we borrow the ‘three strikes and you’re out’ concept? Because if we did, we’d be free from the shambles that is Astana. In case you missed the news, a third Astana rider has […]

Hushovd comments reflect deep-seated contradictions in cycling

Hushovd comments reflect deep-seated contradictions in cycling

21 Oct 2014

I met Thor Hushovd once. I was racing in the 2012 Tour of Qatar as a member of the RTS Racing Team, previously known as the Giant Racing Team. We’d been invited by virtue of being the third best team in Asia in 2011, after two Iranian teams. So, there I was, sat at the […]

Dopers are cheating for life, so ban them for life

Dopers are cheating for life, so ban them for life

10 Oct 2014

New research suggests athletes who dope even for a short period could benefit for “up to ten years”, whereas for more “committed” cheats, the benefits “could be lifelong”. Kristen Gunderson, Professor of Physiology at the University of Oslo, ran new research into steroid use and told BBC Sport, “I think it is likely that effects […]

Lombardy, Astana’s dirty duo, and women’s prize money (again)

Lombardy, Astana's dirty duo, and women’s prize money (again)

4 Oct 2014

It wasn’t so much that there wasn’t enough to write about on any one of the subjects in the title of this article, more that all three are deserving of attention. The first because it is constantly overlooked, the second because it is an example of the wilfully overlooked, and the third because well, it’s […]

Doping: Are the blinkers back on?

Doping: Are the blinkers back on?

23 Sep 2014

Did we really go through the wormhole only to find ourselves back in exactly the same place we thought we’d just departed? Some would say yes, sure feels like it. Sick to the back teeth with all the doping scandals of the past 20 years, when the Lance Armstrong implosion came, it seemed, for a […]

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