Is the writing on the wall for Robbie Deans?

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    Wallaby coach Robbie Deans watches his team train in Sydney, Australia. AP Photo/Mark Baker

    Wallaby coach Robbie Deans watches his team train in Sydney, Australia. AP Photo/Mark Baker

    There may still be time for Robbie Deans to redeem himself, but I get the feeling he is biding his time and appears to be going through the motions.

    The turning point dated back to 13th September, 2008, when the Wallabies lost to the All Blacks 24-28. Had the Wallabies won this game, it would have proven to the ARU they had made the right choice. Self-belief would have skyrocketed.

    However, they fell short and have never been the same since.

    I hate to draw parallels but it’s hard to go past the recent happenings to a certain former Prime Minister. For example, calling Robbie Deans ‘dingo Deans’ when he first arrived reminded me of Kevin Rudd being called ‘Kevin 07’ when he was first elected.

    And we all know what happened to him.

    This kind of hyperbole is an illusion in some ways and disguises or masks reality. Both politics and rugby needed some sort of saviour, and both Rudd and Deans were unfairly held in that regard.

    Kevin Rudd’s undoing was that he failed to realise he won an election, not a popularity contest. Not sure the same could be said for Deans.

    But despite numerous bungles, they both still managed to last three years in power.

    Some will say Rudd’s exit was sudden, but you get the feeling the rest of the party saw the writing on the wall some time ago, and it was just a matter of when.

    One gets the feeling that Deans is in a similar situation, but that doesn’t necessarily please the fans. Nor should it.

    Things can turn around pretty quickly, which can make us look foolish, but there are too many signs that would suggest the Wallabies are far from okay.

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