FFA must do the right thing by Mariners

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    This plea may be premature but now is the time to start the FFA thinking. If the newly crowned A-League 2012 premiers the Central Coast Mariners can grind out two more good results against Brisbane Roar over the next two weeks they will win the right to host the 2012 grand final.

    This may not be as impossible as a lot of punters think, as The Roar have to travel to Korea mid-week prior to playing the second leg against the Mariners at Bluetounge Stadium a week on Sunday.

    We know that BlueTongue Stadium only holds 20,000 people. But the surrounding waterfront would easily hold another 30,000 fans.

    Imagine the vibe watching with everyone on the Gosford Waterfront on giant screens as the game is being played within earshot.

    The Mariners have played in three grand finals, unfortunately losing all of them in very close results. The grand final against the Jets was our home grand final, and we deserved to play it at home. The FFA decided that we had to play the game in Sydney.

    So providing we get there, now is the time for the FFA to give us the grand final we deserve.

    Think hard FFA. In an area the other major codes neglect, you have the chance to secure the New South Wales Central Coast as a football powerhouse for many years to come.

    You can see that the Mariners have been a revelation as a regional side playing in a national competition. Their A-League record is one to be proud of.

    Give them their chance for their moment of glory, they will not disappoint.

    The FFA once again have been neglectful to the Mariners by not having the Premier’s Plate at Wellington last week to crown The Mariners as 2012 champions.

    This is their chance to redeem themselves and just maybe create one of those sporting fairytales for our code that would put bums on seats for many a year to come.

    Over to you, FFA.