Kiwis and Saffers well ahead of Aussies

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    It seems that after just seven rounds of Super Rugby in 2012, Australian teams are falling off the pace of the high-flying Kiwis and Saffers.

    New Zealand is slightly edging South Africa thus far, with two SA and four New Zealand teams making up the top six of a combined points log.

    If we count only non-neutral matches, New Zealand and South African teams have met 10 times, with five wins apiece. There are three away wins for New Zealand versus two away wins for SA. Evenly matched.

    SA and Australian teams have faced off six times, with four wins for SA versus two for Australia. Two of the SA wins came in Australia, while none of the Aussie wins were in SA.

    This gives SA a slight advantage over the Aussies.

    New Zealand and Australian teams have played eight times, with six wins for New Zealand versus two for Australia. New Zealand have claimed two away wins; Australia has none.

    It has been a one-sided affair.

    In summary, it seems that the Aussie conference is somewhat weaker and more evenly spread than the others.

    With the top Aussie side guaranteed a finals spot, yet currently lying seventh on the log, it adds fuel to an already under-fire qualification system.

    South Africa 5 – 5 New Zealand
    South Africa – 4 – 2 Australia
    New Zealand – 6 – 2 Australia

    New Zealand – 11 wins, seven losses for a win ratio of 61 percent (away wins 45 percent)
    South Africa – nine wins, seven losses for a win ratio of 56 percent (away wins 44 percent)
    Australia – 4 wins, 10 losses for a win ratio of 29 percent (away wins – 0 percent)

    *Only non-neutral matches have been counted.