TELL US: Should the AFL introduce a twilight grand final?

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    Roar LIVE this week will be all about AFL as we discuss the burning issues ahead of Round 1.

    We want to hear from you about your predictions on which teams will win, which teams will suck and whether social media will finally get over the obsession with ‘free kick Hawthorn.’

    We’ll also be discussing the Western Bulldogs’ fortunes for 2017 and whether they can go back-to-back.

    Should the AFL Introduce a twilight grand final?

    This topic has generated plenty of debate this week. You’re either in the traditionalist or get with the times camp.

    Either way if the proposed twilight game goes ahead it will change grand final ‘day’ forever.

    The Roar LIVE crew will be joined by 2UE’s Mike Gibbons on Wednesday morning to sink our teeth into the first round of AFL.

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