WATCH: This Indian player bowls just like Sri Lankan legend ‘Murali’

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    If you asked cricket fans around the globe to name the greatest bowler of all time, many would point to Muttiah Muralitharan.

    The Sri Lankan spinner took the cricketing world by storm for over two decades. By the time he was done making batsmen dance on the pitches, he had bagged more than a thousand wickets in international cricket.

    The way he turned a permanently injured arm into one of the most decorated sporting careers of all time left millions inspired

    Meet one of those millions.

    The above video features a guy named Abhilash, from Central India, practicing in the nets. A quick look at his bowling action is enough to make you wonder whether you’re looking at old footage from decades ago, featuring a young Murali.

    Not only does his action look similar to Murali’s, but he also delivers lethal off spinners, much to the dismay of any batsmen facing him.

    Abhilash joined a local cricket club in 2003, adopting a pace bowling style. Soon though, he realised that this wasn’t going to take him very far, as his thin body structure wasn’t helping him while bowling in the nets.

    He needed something that would require a lot less effort and strength, and so he decided to become a spinner. His choice for bowling style? None other than that of his favourite cricketer, Muralitharan.

    This sudden repackaging proved to be the best thing that could have happened to him, as he rose through the ranks in quick fashion.

    Abhilash become the club’s most famous for his ability to mimic Murali. He was being allowed to play major matches and lock horns with the absolute best batsmen in Indian grade cricket.

    An incredible career in cricket was ahead of him when it all suddenly came to a standstill.

    Apparently, Abhilash set aside his studies completely and had given his whole devotion to cricket, and he ultimately failed in his 12th boards. This came as a huge shock to his parents, who ordered him to put his total focus back on academics.

    Over the course of the next few years, he secured an engineering degree. He eventually secured a job in Tech Mahindra, an IT company, and learnt the cold truth the hard way – it was almost impossible for him to pursue his job as well as his passion.

    But this hasn’t stopped him from giving his absolute best and getting noticed by the powers that be. He is trying his best to manage his work life as well as his pursuit of cricketing greatness.

    Abhilash has one goal set for himself – work as hard and with as much dedication as possible, and do what millions fail to do – represent his country on the international stage.

    Abhilash is the closest thing we have seen to Muralitharan. The way he bowls and spins the red ball is incredible, to say the least. Don’t be surprised if he plays at least some minor league or First Class Cricket in the near future.

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