Problems in Phillipines youth football

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    The Philippines, where football is regarded by various people as a game for the rich, has seen enormous growth in recent years as many kids are beginning to embrace the sport all over the country.

    However, as many kids are embracing the sport in the Philippines, and parents supporting their children to receive the best training, there are two major things affecting players development.

    Inconsistency in members and inconsistency in training have been the major problems affecting youth football players development in the Philippines.

    Due to the high cost of training fees, only the rich players can afford to have the regular three times of training per week – especially in top clubs in Manila where players pay per training session.

    Inconsistency in club membership is another problem in youth football development in the Philippines. Players belong to three or four clubs at the same time.

    With this type of attitude and behaviour, instead of players developing, they have become confused on what to do in the field because of so much information from different coaches. Some players play as a defender in one club, as a striker in the other and as a midfielder in another.

    Because of the movement from club to club, youth players in the Philippines are inconsistent in their training with any club.

    Because of the movement, coaches do not have time to evaluate youth players performance and monitor their development.

    Football authorities want to see players development and parents certainly want the best for their kids that is why they are moving from club to club.

    However, moving from club to club is not the solution to develop players. It is a problem and parents need to understand this should they wish to see their kids play at the next level.

    In the part of the football authorities, there should be a rule that enforces youth players to be a member of one club for at least one year especially those clubs that are officially registered with the PFF.

    This alone will enhance players development no matter the club they are registered.

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