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Stuart Thomas is a sports writer, freelance journalist and copywriter who made the jump from Roar Guru to Expert in 2017. A former trainee professional golfer, his sporting passions are broad with particular interests in football, AFL and rugby league. His love of sport is only matched by his passion for gardening and self-sustainability. Follow him on Twitter @stuartthomas72, connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn and see his work at



Well said Nemesis. When I met James I was stunned by his business acumen and a whole array of issues of which most be unaware. He is a very impressive chap. One of the best accents you’ve ever heard as well.

An invitation to the Football Business Network – Executive Event

Lovely take on the weekends action. Honda was class, Mudgee was cool and Keogh is heading towards a phenomenal season. What was your take on Redmayne’s effort in goal? Looked a little clumsy to me.

Six talking points from A-League Round 4

Nicely said Mike. Hopefully this is a terrific night for the locals and a well attended game. Small grounds do sometimes delivers a terrific atmosphere through the television screens and hopefully this is one of those occasions. Lest we forget.

An A-League match in Mudgee is the perfect addition to Remembrance Round

Just couldn’t squeeze him in. He played very well but gee the Mariners were poor. I was blogging the game so had a good look at him, as did Graham Arnold which is an interesting development.

The A-League team of the week: Round 3

A cultural review is an astonishing term. From where does culture stem in organisation? Leadership, plain and simple.

Cricket Australia release cultural review findings: 42 recommendations put forward in wake of ball-tampering scandal

No doubt he played exceptionally. I was covering the Roar game and admired the way he didn’t become tentative after the yellow. He did an excellent job of timing challenges and made astute decisions for the remainder of the game.

The A-League team of the week: Round 2

I’m hoping for a ripper derby and a plump crowd. Anything less than 30,000 will be alarming. Interesting new venue and I must admit to having grave concerns thanks to the absurd number of major infrastructure changes happening as we speak in Sydney.

Those outside Sydney need to appreciate what a monumental effort it is to attend the SCG. I live 25km from the SCG, travel time via public transport = 1 hour and 15 minutes (and that excludes the inevitable delays that occur in Saturday night traffic). I could run the gauntlet and take the M2 motorway which can be a blessing or a farce.

It puts everyone in a state of uncertainty and it is totally understandable that many choose to watch in comfort at home or their local establishment.

Not an excuse, just a reason.

The Wanderers' dwindling fan base proves why they're Sydney's second team

Ray Gatt’s piece in the Australian suggests Bolt’s people not happy with the small offer and an eventual parting of the ways may occur.

Bolt may be a cow on ice, but it looks like he's here to stay

Doyle was outstanding for the Nix. Must admit I probably haven’t respected his talent enough if that is what he is capable of.

The A-League team of the week: Round 1

I couldn’t find space for one player from Friday night. No one shone. It was that kind of game. Kurz produces that a fair bit. Effective and grinding. Both teams have a lot of improving to do. Roar were the team of the week for me. On his day, Taggart will put four of those chances away.

The A-League team of the week: Round 1

Well done Mike,

Just the positive type of piece that fits perfectly with the start of the season. In my view, it slots in well with the positive coverage of football here on the Roar. Might go and pick up the Sydney papers and see what kind of A-League coverage is featured ten pages from the back. Pardon my cynicism.

Keisuke Honda is the monster the A-League needs


The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 1

Have never once forgotten to include the Roar. Left them out intentionally due to the semantics of the word luck perhaps, but never forgotten them. How could anyone forget the Roar, what with the silver fox in charge?

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 1

As you know I tip them often. If I don’t mention them I am dismissive of their chances, yet when I ride them all the way to the top six (like last year) and get behind them, I’m the kiss of death. In all seriousness, Taggart is the key. I really like Taggart. Go Taggart.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 1

Sorry, an expanded role would be better than an expended role.

The Roos' win over Kuwait a tasting plate of footballing morsels

I too noted the ‘firmness’ of some of the challenges dished out by the Roos. It is obviously one of Arnold’s cornerstones. Nothing wrong with ruthless and calculated defence, as long as the sparks fly when the ball is won and attack becomes the goal. That will be the greatest challenge over the next five years; reversing the trend in front of goal. If punishing defence keeps us in matches while Arnold attempts to build a better attacking unit, so be it. McLaren and Luongo should have been used in Russia, for a host of reasons. It is exciting to think that the new boss might have an expended role for them in mind.

The Roos' win over Kuwait a tasting plate of footballing morsels

What do you think the chances are of enticing Mid to venture up with me to the Hunter for remembrance round?

It’s time for A-League fireworks, and I don’t mean flares

Nothing pending mid, is that the one below I can see?

It’s time for A-League fireworks, and I don’t mean flares

Let me check for you mid. I have had one or two get a little lost as well.

It’s time for A-League fireworks, and I don’t mean flares

If that all happens, is will be game not to be missed.

It’s time for A-League fireworks, and I don’t mean flares

Quite simply, some people for whom the league’s starting date was unknown are now aware of the A-League’s launch this weekend. Should Bolt receive preferential treatment in his quest? Certainly not! Will he? No way.
Clubs are allowed to trial players on their own terms and when an athlete of Bolt’s physical prowess is keen, there is no harm in sharing his dream for a while. If the local and national community find the story of interest, great, so be it.
A lot of great goal scorers would have many of tap ins in their resume, or goals where the keeper could certainly have done better; Mo Salah’s recent corner is a wonderful example. But that goal isn’t taken away from him, nor should it be.
The reality is that a fairly average footballer scored a couple of goals for the Central Coast Mariners the other night and good on him.
How the entire experiment works out is probably weighted against him right now, but something tells me the Jamaican doesn’t care too much about what people say.
He is working and trialling as hard as he can and he found the net twice on Friday. If he is truly committed to playing football, he will find somewhere to play and it may be in a league well below the standard of the A-League.
However, the only acceptable criticism would be that based on a perceived bias in his selection or indeed an undeserved contract being offered. At this stage, he is just a ripper athlete having a go.

Assessing Bolt is an exercise in avoiding indulgent negativity

Perhaps should read…….The problem with modern day ENGLISH football!

The problem with modern day football

With Taggart on board they won’t need luck. Roar will be top four this season with Australia’s best striker banging them in from everywhere.

Is the A-League due for a little luck?

Taggart’s year. What did I say a few weeks back? 20 goals. Got one during the week I heard as well.

Is the A-League due for a little luck?

Very enjoyable Mike. Great read. Cracking side with a whole stack of possibilities. Must admit I was surprised with Theo, but on reflection, I can see the logic.

You are spot on with Franjic, hence his job to tighten things up in Perth with Poppa. Ono is iffy for me. Quality player no doubt yet can see the argument for Mooy as well. His time with City was stunning.

Berisha is a no brainer for me and any doubt about Fornaoli’s position in this team will probably be eliminated by the end of this season.

Nice stuff.

The greatest XI in A-League history